LED ZEPPELIN ‘Going To California’ on CBM + Led Zep Updates

I don’t think I have posted these yet. First released by Dub on TMOQ in February of 1973 late 1971 – as a companion piece to Crosby Nash’s “A VERY STONEY EVENING” – and subsequently copied by CBM on the East Coast after that.

The original:

Led Zep G T Cali 1stCrosby-Nash Stoney Evening 2

The copies:

Led Zep GTC 2

Led Zep G 2 Cali CBM 3713

Led Zep GTC

From http://www.argenteumastrum.com:


Side 1: Immigrant Song (3:53)/ Heartbreaker medley incl. Bouree (7:38)/ Since I’ve Been Loving You (6:46)/ Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog (5:29)
Side 2: Dazed And Confused medley (20:58) incl. Back In The USA
Side 3: Stairway To Heaven (8:59)/ That’s The Way (6:06)/ Going To California (5:09)
Side 4: Whole Lotta Love medley (24:13) incl. Just A Little Bit, Boogie Chillun, Hello Mary Lou, My Baby Left Me, Mess O’ Blues, You Shook Me, The Lemon Song

Recording: Very good stereo audience. Source: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California Sept. 14 ’71. Comments: US bootleg. Not from LA Forum. Available on colored vinyl with numbered labels. Also available on following US labels: Contraband Music CBM 3713, Raring and Mammary Productions. At last there are also another two TMOQ pressings. One with deluxe cover with depicting band on a flying pig and another with insert and colored vinyl. Rereleased on US label Box Top on colored vinyl. Part of THE FINAL OPTION and TRADE MARK OF QUALITY YEARS box sets.


We will revisit this recording when the blog takes on the TMOQ output – I have excellent images for the variations of this title.


ZAP 7885: Archipelago / SIN CITY SOCIAL : K&S 001 – Updated ZAP image

Vicky Vinyl’s Mushroom Records Reissue Series – Part 1 – 3 images added for Led Zep’s Blueberry Hill + 1 for Neil Young

ZAP 7867: LED ZEPPELIN  ‘On Stage In Europe 1975’ / ‘EARLS COURT’ :LZL 19775 + I.M.P. 1107 – 3 images added

  1. Karl said:

    I assume the fold-out cover / blue vinyl / circled 1/2 label variation was already out in 1971. I t seems to be for me a companion release to Crosby & Nash – Stony Evening as traced by “Detective Young” in the “bootleg bust” video. Both Going To California as well as Stony Evening have different matrix numbers than the stamped cover copies.
    PS. This video disappeared on Youtube, did anybody here save it?

    • I took the date from the Record Collector’s Guild TMOQ Wiki.
      Looking at the CSNY first issue, that would certainly make sense and I was able to pinpoint the date by the displayed copy of Rolling Stone magazine to late November/early December 1971.

  2. Yesdays said:

    I didn’t save the Neil Young bootleg bust video, but I hope sone did. It’s priceless.

  3. Erik T said:

    I’ve heard the covers shown here are from the original issue of this classic l.p. However, there’s a cool William Stout cover of the band riding Dumbo and includes some weird insertion in the track list. One of my first Zep boots, on cassette, I remember the l.p was by no means mint, but sounded great to me, on red vinyl if I remember. I’ve never seen that one since, but it was so popular it must have been well distributed. It was reissued in the late 80s by Rock Solid Records.

  4. John said:

    Detective Young wasn’t really a real investigator….!! The whole idea was a set -up ….he didn’t found the records, but the whole thing was a great work of artistery.

  5. John said:

    Released byDub?…no Ken for this one??

    • I went by the date given by the Record Collector’s Guild Wiki first and in 1973 Ken was definitely out of the picture. Now that we have brought the date forward to November 1971, the question is when did they split? It is generally accepted that Ken’s version of Donovan’s The Reedy River was the first bootleg Ken ever did on his own: “Dub and I mastered the Donovan record Reedy River a couple months before we broke up and we’d ordered 5000 copies…”. The first TMOQ release date for this was February 1970, however in the Wiki it also gives a different (later) date: “At some point, maybe as early as mid – 1971, Dub and Ken had a falling out.” So, anyway you look at it by the time Going To California was released, Ken was no longer part of the original TMOQ crew.

      • John said:

        thanks ..

  6. Rune said:

    as far as I know,these 2 albums ( these very first versions) was released by Dub&Ken but the covers was made by the Berkley people..

    • John said:

      how do you know Rune?

  7. chris said:

    I have the William Stout cover version and although it has tmoq matrix numbers, it has plain blank
    labels and really does not look like a tmoq release.

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