Thinking About Hosting This Blog Myself and Expanding it – Any Input?

Lately, I did think about the future of the blog again. I am happy with the way it’s going – we will hit a quarter million page views this month; the blog still has quite a bit of “gas left in the tank” – meaning lots more posts to come to take us into 2016, at least.

I wouldn’t mind expanding it and adding a forum, for example. I even wouldn’t mind inconveniencing myself and taking the blog back from the free hosting service I use know, even if it means to re-built every single post.

Has anyone ever done this? Any ideas/suggestions, etc.?

  1. Bill said:

    First, I love your blog. As a hardcore boot vinyl collector, I find your information fascinating and indispensable.
    I am (probably first and foremost) a Pink Floyd collector. As such, I have come to know a bit about this particular world of collecting. I would suggest that you contact webmaster Slugbelch (Steve) of I know that he pours his heart and soul (along with in immeasurable amount of his time and money) into the site and the associated forum. He is a great guy to boot (pun intended) and likely will have much invaluable information for you. Please feel free to let him know that I suggested that you contact him. I hope that this helps. I will also contribute to your blog as I can, as I collect much more broadly than just Floyd.

    • Hello & welcome, Bill. Steve must be a good guy because he has never sent me an angry email about all the “inspiration” I lifted from that website (I did try to credit them a lot though). He did contact me in regards to their claim that Ken did Dittolini Discs releases too (and the mystery surrounding that Live PF double on TMOQ # 2804). We will see what the future brings.

      • Bill said:

        Hi and thanks for the welcome! I can take a little credit, er, responsibility for stirring the pot a bit on the Dittolino question. 🙂 I was the one who pointed out the differing opinions to Steve. I am glad that you both spoke, and I am pleased to have promoted healthy academic discourse on this great subject!

        • Thank you, Bill for initiating the academic discourse. Now all we need is someone with inside info to come forward and tell us who did the Dittolino titles.

  2. John said:

    a forum would be great….with questions and answers from and for collectors..would even be greater to see the stunning information found on one of the most interesting vinyl blogs on the web…f.e. on a ‘pay’ site….Don’t know if bobsboots or musiccollectors raise enough money to keep the site rolling….i mean with the system..’give what you want’..maybe a question to bobsboots worth. But if you want a contribution from your readers….i’m yours!!

    • What do you mean “on a pay site”? I have no plans to charge for this.

      • John said:

        just to ask some contribution to keep the site runnig…( bobsboots, collectors…) it’s not a shame!!

  3. Karl said:

    I would also welcome a forum!

  4. Doinker said:

    Hi SCB,

    I for one would like an easier way for me to incorporate into your site the items I have which are in addition to yours, or which are completely different. The recent EC photo went unposted, for example. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    • My apologies, that got lost in the number of emails I get every day. I will look into the forum option that allows uploads as well.

  5. Merry X-mas
    Sweden here
    Suggestione / ldeas:
    Just keep up the Good work, it’s a Nice place 2 b in …

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