CBM / King Kong – Recycling Official Album Covers

So far, Contraband is the only major bootleg label I have seen used recycled official album covers for packaging. They must have gotten these two – and only these two – for free/next to nothing and decided to use them for these reissues ca. 1975/6.

Three different covers can now be identified (unless # 3 is just a buyer substituting for a missing generic white cardboard cover but that’s rare). A cover with a male portrait shot wearing a Paisley pattern shirt or jacket, most likely by a Hispanic artist, listing an address in Spanish in Puerto Rico and one in Philadelphia; the word “Borincanas” appears in the lower part of the front cover – a nickname for a person from Puerto Rico:

Led Zep oBHLed Zep oBH bLed Zep oBH b detail

Pink Floyd Europe 74 RE

PF - Europe 74 rec


Led Zep G to Cali re

Beatles First US Performance 80s

Update: 29 April 2016: I was in a local small record store today and given access to a “secret back room” with higher priced originals and bootlegs, after expressing interest in first pressings. Well, among other things, here is what I came upon:

CBM cover up 004

Almost always, the insert has been glued on and cannot be removed without damage but as luck would have it, this one was loose and here is the cover CBM used in all its unobstructed glory:

CBM cover up 001





The second cover:

Beatles Supertrax one KK 2

Beatles Supertrax one KK

Beatles Studio Sessions Two

Beatles liE&us tv re

Beatles liE&us tv re b

Santana Collectors Item 7Allman Brothers SB Blues

Allman Brothers S Blues


After some research I was able to identify this album. due to the fact that just like the method used for identifying a pasted over Beatles Butcher Cover – there was ‘bleed through’ of a large black ink surface, in this case even letters spelling out the name of the artist – Jackpot!

This is a 1960’s LP called Bobby King Presents Stars In Revue

Bobby King


A fresh discovery from late 2017:

Beatles ATLP

Beatles ATLP d

Easy hints here for a change. Obviously, this is a jazz record and the designer’s name, Saul Stollman, is clearly visible.

This is the New York Art Quartet album, first released in 1965:


  1. Erik T said:

    Interesting entry again… I didn’t know about these CBM’s recycling “legit” record covers.
    It’s been done with boot record label before, I have seen at least one boot l.p. scan with a Gold Wax label, this was a Memphis soul label, best known for James Carr’s wonderful version of “Dark End of the Street”, and a rather collectible label today. Maybe their pressings were done in L.A.? I suspect they were used a cheap or free leftovers. then again, I used to own a reissue of the Rolling Stones’ Stoneaged from San Diego 69, and the label was For a Debbie Bryant l.p. Later I found out Debbie Bryant was a conservative nut in Florida, so I assumed somebody had a sense of humour when pressing those up.
    Anyhow, out of curiosity I looked for info about the legit records whose sleeves CBM’S was recycling for their own covers. The Philadelphia address is now a vacant lot. However, the fine music research site BSN Pubs (both sides now publications), has a small feature on the Salvador record label out of Philadelphia. It looks like it was launched to reissue 7″ singles, including a particularly distasteful one. The l.p. came out in 1963, so how CBM came across these covers for re-use in the mid seventies is odd, because the material was not reissued on Salvador but on Relics, although there are probably many small record labels with that name.
    CBM allegedly pressed records in Darby PA for a while,before moving to Indiana, maybe I read that on this blog, so there might have been old leftovers of local product at the PA plant? Years ago I read about people coming across stacks and loads of CBM records and labels at a record plant, it might have been in a Beatles book or in Goldmine.
    Of course the ‘legit’ record business has always been as greasy or worse than any producer of bootlegs. for instance the knock-off compilations and so-called truck stop releases in the seventies made more money and were far more widely distributed than bootlegs.
    Also, maybe somebody came across leftover CBM records, knew what they were, and wholesales them with the ‘knock off’ covers? There’s an extensive interview with a bootlegger connected to CBM in a Beatles bootleg book, the only Beatles book I own.

    • Hi Erik, 1963 is also what I had for the orig. release date and I can only assume that the PA pressing plant had these sitting in a box there, perhaps even since 1963 already.

      Yes, with paper record labels it was done pretty regularly but this primitive sleeve repackaging took it to a new level.That is certainly true what you have written in regards to the dark side of the legitimate record industry.

      The book is BLACK MARKET BEATLES and I had bought it specifically for that reason – and was then a little disappointed. Page 123 “Mr. Nurk Twin” – someone had written this was Mr. CBM but it’s just someone who supplied CBM (and TMOQ) with “rare material”. and in exchange received boots to sell.

  2. Chris said:

    My copy of AC/DC “Bon Scott Last Oui-Oui”, has an official album cover (I don´t know by who), but
    it has been turned inside out either by the bootleger or by the official label. Somehow they left the
    blank inside of the cover out and the printed side on the inside. And even stranger is my copy of an
    official record by Epic Records- Niel Young “On The Beach” that features the same same thing. It was
    previously a cover of another Epic Records artist that has been turned inside out.

      • John said:

        indeed…another question of this ‘bizarre’ industry….

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