Grateful DEAD ‘ GOOD LOVIN’ ‘ 4 LP box: Smilin’ Ears 77-401

Grateful Dead Good Lovin 2Grateful Dead Good Lovin lbl

Grateful Dead Good Lovin 3

raceway GD 77GD ticket Englishtown 77

Side 1: The Promised Land 4:33 / They Love Each Other 7:50 / Me And My Uncle 2:58 / New Minglewood Blues 4:43
Side 2:    Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo 13:00 / Friend Of The Devil 7:34
Side 3:    The Music Never Stopped 6:46 / Bertha – Good Lovin’ 14:07
Side 4:    Loser 7:13 / Good Lovin’ 17:30**
Side 5:    Estimated Prophet – Eyes Of The World 23:11
Side 6:    Samson & Delilah 6:27 He’s Gone 12:54
Side 7:    He’s Gone – Not Fade Away 21:46
Side 8:    Tennessee Jed 8:23 / Terrapin Station 11:00

** recorded 2 July 1971 at the closing night of the Fillmore West in San Francisco


Date of release: 1978, available around the same time as the Led Zeppelin The Destroyer black box from Pied Piper and also offered for $22 (+ shipping).

Broadcast by WNEW New York. I assume that is the source for this box set, however several good sounding audience recordings exist as well. Smilin’ Ears’ master tape either didn’t come with source info or they tried to be coy about the date & location. This was later officially released on CD as Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 15.



From the Columbia University newspaper; showing an emphasis of Smilin’ Ears titles.

CollectingCollecting 2

  1. Erik T said:

    I really enjoy reading this blog. A little surprised at some of the big ticket items as well. Anyhow, I remember seeing “All rights reserved / All wrongs reversed” on a lot of late 70s boots. Was Smilin Ears another Ken offshoot?
    I noticed Smilin Ears also released one of the worst Stones bootlegs from the 1978 tour, a rough audience tape of a crappy show (according to collectors music reviews)- could this have been the first l.p. released from that tour? There were multiple King Biscuit broadcasts and numerous bootlegs of those, so I wonder if the incentive to have made Southern Quotations was to have an album for sale during the current tour?
    I thought the original Destroyer box set described here was from a soundboard tape lent to someone involved with filming the Dome shows on the tour… I remember it as an excellent recording, but not really liking the performance so much. Ears must have pressed tons of records- Destroyer and Southern Quotations still show up around my town for not much money. Come to think of it, I have seen multiple copies of the Grateful Dead- Good Lovin box set too. Anyhow, keep up the good work..!

    • Hi Erik, the jury is still out in regards to who produced the Smilin’ Ears titles. The “crappy” Stones ’78 boot will be the last SE title to be presented. It came out as late as early ’79 and I doubt it was one of the first but I have no hard evidence when the other titles were released – surely somebody must have been faster to market than late ’78.

      The Cleveland LZ soundboard tape from the first night didn’t come out until the early 80’s in the UK and was called DESTROYER (no ‘THE’) and due to the basically identical titles they tend to get mixed up to this day. Glad you enjoy my short ramblings and collected visuals.

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