Fleetwood Mac : Smilin’Ears SE-2-7721

Fleetwood Mac Sm Ea 1Fleetwood Mac Sm EaFleetwood Mac Sm Ea lblFleetwood Mac Sm Ea lbl 2Fleetwood Mac Sm Ea red lblPaying homage to Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 self titled album with this cover design.

Fleetwood Mac Sm Ea white lbl

Following the 1975 2 LP bootleg Will The Real Fleetwood Mac Please Stand Up? (SODD 02) Smilin’ Ears in 1978 offered another radio broadcast double set, this time from the East Coast nine months and for some fans, a rather large uncomfortable change later: The Macs in transition to a massively successful pop band with the help of their new members Buckingham and Nicks. It should be noted that their ex-member Bob Welch, by the time this bootleg came out, was heading into the exact same direction. 


Side 1: I’m So Afraid (4:45) / Oh, Well (2:50) / World Turning (8:32)
Side 2: Just Like You Used To Be (3:40) / Green Manalishi (4:37) / Homework (3:27) / World In Harmony (3:27)
Side 3: Station Man (5:40) / Spare Me A Little  (4:34) / Rhiannon (6:17) / Why (3:55)
Side 4: Landslide (3:23) / Over My Head (2:55) / Green Manalishi (5:42)

Is “Green Manalishi” really on here twice?


Original source, from a torrent attempting to reconstruct the complete performance:

Fleetwood Mac
September 23, 1975
Trod Nossel Productions & Recording Studios
Wallingford, Connecticut, USA – originally broadcast by WPLR-FM, New Haven, CT

“This is a combination of 4 different FM-sourced recordings. This show has circulated widely but all versions I’ve heard have been incomplete – missing either the beginning or the end. And because most recordings are from rebroadcasts, they do not include the opening announcer from the original broadcast. The content was rebroadcast in many forms, with and without some of the applause and spoken intros. In fact some spoken intros were re-recorded before rebroadcast to rework statements like “from our new album” when it wasn’t new anymore. The quality is very good to excellent FM, with tape hiss and minor FM transmission noise in some spots but nothing too bothersome. The minor glitches that were previously in the song transitions have been cleaned up. Some major dropouts in “Oh Well” and Green Manalishi” now are spliced from one of the alternate sources, etc.

01 [0:23] announcer intro
02 [3:59] Get Like You Used to Be
03 [6:02] Station Man
04 [4:52] Spare Me a Little
05 [6:39] Rhiannon
06 [4:06] Why
07 [3:44] Landslide
08 [3:05] Over My Head
09 [5:04] I’m So Afraid
10 [3:07] Oh Well
11 [5:34] Green Manalishi
12 [8:46] World Turning
13 [3:59] Blue Letter
14 [7:08] Hypnotized
total – 66:28


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