Patti Smith ‘Live in London’ 1 LP (FARTY XB 001) + 2 LP Smilin’ Ears 2-7720

Smith P Live in London FARTY

Smith P Live in London FARTY 2

What a strange looking record. A trick of the light?

On the back cover:

Copyright (c) – Aresta Records
    Manufactured By – Amoeba; Label: Amoeba/ Plot of Thieves Products Farty XB 001
    Recorded At – The Roundhouse

Produced by Rolf for Invisible Inc.

Also a mentioning of “Schizophonic Records”, could be on the labels. Back shows a topless photo of Patti. Small print on the back refers to drugs and censorship. Does anyone have an image of this (as they went with a tamer one for the 2 LP version)?


Live in London (Farty XB 001)

Side 1: Real Good Time Together 2:45 /Kimberly 4:00 / Ain’t It Strange 7:35 / Energy (Set Me Free) 3:35 / Pumping (My Heart)     
Side 2: Free Money 2:45 / Pissing In The River 4:00 / Strange Reprise – Gloria (In Excelsis Deo) 4:35 / Time Is On My Side 7:15

“The sound quality and performance are good to excellent. “Real Good Time Together” and “Time Is On My Side” are both from Patti’s May 16, 1976, Roundhouse concert. The rest of the songs are from her follow-up concert on May 17. Deluxe brown/white cover. “


Smith P Live in LondonSmith P Live in London bSmith P Live in London discsSmith P Live in London b 2Smith P Live in London red lbl

Personalized labels in black & red.

“This double album contains most of the same songs listed above (except “Real Good Time Together” and “Kimberly”). The sound quality is much worse. Deluxe brown/white cover.

    In addition, it contains the following:
    1.”Histories Of The Universe/Seven Ways Of Going” (Poetry reading at St. Mark’s Church in Oct 1975 – sound quality very good, with Patti at her best.)
    2. Hungerthon Interview (WNEW, with Harry Chapin, 11/29/76 — sound quality very good, with Patti in a grumpy mood.)
    3.”War is Over”/”Piss Factory”/”Horses” (live performance at Central Park, early 1975 — sound quality poor to fair, performance excellent.)
    4. Rare Radio Interview (with ?? Scott Muni on WNEW, in early 1976 — sound quality very good, with Patti at her best again.)” []


I do not know which of these was released first. Interesting to see that the single album London tracks supposedly sound significantly better.


“Alan Henderson: I [had] met up with an Italian guy who had offered the facility of being able to manufacture some records, so we did some rather awful Stones live at Earls Court, Have You Seen Keef Standing in the Shadow, one I recorded myself, Patti Smith at the Roundhouse, … ” [Bootleg, Heylin p. 174]

In the same book, Clinton Heylin mentions *a UK bootleg* called Live at the Roundhouse. I have looked for this all over and found no confirmation of its existence. It’s also not mentioned on the oceanstar Patti Smith bootleg website or in HOTWACKS, so he must be mistaking these US products for UK product.


pattismith RH 76

PSmith 76




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