Genesis ‘L’Ange Gabriel’ : Smilin’ Ears S-E 1000 / ‘VISAGE’

Genesis L'Ange GabGenesis L'Ange Gab bGenesis L'Ange Gab lbl 1Genesis L'Ange Gab lbl 2Genesis L'Ange Gab mcv

Quite a difference to the previous Smilin’ Ears releases.It feels like someone else took over for this project: New label designs, colored vinyl and a new number (that is usually ignored in favor of continuation of the 770X system).

L’Ange Gabriel (Smilin’ Ears – 7705) was one of the very first Genesis bootlegs on vinyl with the first pressing on green vinyl and pink labels. This was copied on [the European 2 LP release] Visage (Sacem GEV20) [I doubt this was a copy].” []

I would not call it one of the very first Genesis bootlegs. The two first were Wizardo’s Revelation Without A Cause (# 313) and TAKRL’s As Though Emerald City (# 1945), probably released within a couple of months of each other in late 1975/early 1976. Both containing selections from the KBFH broadcast from their Lamb tour stop at the Shrine Auditorium in LA on 24 January 1975. The next Genesis bootlegs were the TAKRL titles The Bedside Yellow Foam (# 1955), Awed Man Out (# 1975) and Swelled And Spent (# 2980). In contrast, this Smilin’ Ears title dates from 1978 and the opinionated comment on the back cover also makes more sense from a 1978 point of view then from a 1976 one.

Selling England by the Pound Tour – Centre Sportif de l’Universite de Montreal

21 April 1974 – live broadcast by CHOM-FM (bold tracks are on the LP)
1.1    Genesis Set – Watcher Of The Skies    08:48
1.2    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight    10:42
1.3    The Cinema Show    13:17
1.4    I Know What I Like    06:47
1.5    Firth Of Fifth    11:42
1.6    The Musical Box    13:03
1.7    Horizons    02:15
2.1    The Battle Of Epping Forest    13:14
2.2    Supper’s Ready    27:59
2.3    Radio Broadcast Announcements    00:54

“Sound: excellent stereo * good mono, maybe very good atmost. Strong roaring hiss, compression, FM artifacts.”


Genesis Visage

The 1980’s European bootleg containing the complete set and with very non-nondescript artwork showing no effort at all to connect with the period or the band.

Genesis Visage b


21apr 74 ad Genesis2021apr

21apr74 Genesis

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