THE BEATLES AND the ROLLING STONES ‘Sing This all Together’ – Smilin’Ears 7700

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In the 1980s repressed in Germany with white labels and on colored PVC. A European version with the matrix R 55/66 was also produced (I am guessing there is a relation here). The U.S. original has ‘ SE 7700-2 ‘.

Original release country & date: USA, ca. late 1977

I think out of all the bootlegs I ever bought, this was in the top 3 of greatest disappointments – because I had approached this from the ‘Beatles side’ and not the ‘Stones side’. To label this 1977 premier release on the Smilin’ Ears label “The Beatles And The Rolling Stones” based on hearsay and ‘hearing things – as in “I think I hear Ringo on drums”‘ was a bit much.

None of the Beatles are on “Sing This All Together”, nor are they on “Shades of Orange”:


Finally, Ringo is not the drummer on “Too Many Cooks” (it’s Jim Keltner) and “We Love You” is the instrumental version, if I remember correctly.

Plenty of side 3 had been released years before by TMOQ already. “Too Many Cooks” was first released on Vicky Vinyl’s Gravestones around late 1975. I am not enough of a Stones connoisseur to comment on when the tracks on side 4 were first released.


Who produced the Smilin’ Ears titles? Was it another of Vicky Vinyl’s stable of bootleg labels (Idle Mind, RSVP, Rodan/Blue Ribbon/Big Thumb Records …) or some one else?

See the comments for a lively discussion on this topic.

  1. Yesdays said:

    Thanks again for all the work, that leads to the reading pleasure and enjoyment. “…… top 3 of greatest disappointments -” Interesting thought as I consider some of the disappointing records in my collection. Sounds like an idea for a possible posting series. Thanks

    • You are very welcome. ,,, I’d love to read what other readers’ most disappointing bootleg vinyl acquisition was. I will ask that question in a post and see if anyone bites.

      • Chris said:

        I always thought that Smilin´Ears label was Andrea Walters. Am I wrong ?

      • Let’s open the discussion, was Vicky Vinyl behind Smilin’ Ears? Any hard facts linking her to this label?
        For me, this label just doesn’t have the “feel” of her other labels but who knows?

  2. Chris said:

    I thought it is Vicky Vinyl because on the Still Rare Records catalog Smilin´Ears always came
    on the Vicky Vinyl section. I still have one of their albums The New York Dolls Live In Texas. I
    had The Beatles “the Sixth Night In a Judo Arena” but I trade it long time ago.

  3. Lou cohan said:

    Please make correction: “Mark’s LP” named for Mark Matig, owner of Bridge Street Records in New Hope, PA.

      • Yesdays said:

        My question for Lou Cohan: Why the image of Rick Wakeman on the insert cover? ….he, of course, was not in the Yes band at the time of the recording.

  4. Chris said:

    And Vicky Vinyl also had another two labels. Big Thumb Recs and Rodan Recs

    • Rodan Records/Blue Ribbon was mentioned on this blog. Big Thumb, I have to look into.

  5. Yesdays said:

    Interesting discussion. So the question is, was the Vicki Vinyl lady the producer of the Smilin’ Ears titles. I don’t know the answer, at this point in time. I certainly can’t point to any hard facts, one way or the other. I’m not sure I agree with our honorable blog master that Smilin’ Ears didn’t have the feel of Vicki’s other releases. Yes, this Beatles/Stones title was somewhat clunky, with 2 groups on the same record. However, look at the overall output. And one thing is a known fact: Vicki Vinyl produced a variety of different labels.

  6. Chris said:

    I´ve got three Big Thumb Releases (Genesis- A Living Story, Genesis- White Mountain UK Tour
    1976 and Peter Gabriel- Live At The Roxy 77) and they are all on Dragonfly Recs label. Dragonfly
    was Vicky Vinyl. And also on A Living Story cover is written “thanks to Jeem”. This Jeem is Jim
    Washburn, Andrea´s partner.

  7. Karl said:

    I don’t think that Vicki Vinyl was behind Smilin’ Ears (although she was wholesaling Smilin’ Ears LPs among others). The look and feel is quite different, the typical Vicki Vinyl releases are under several “labels” such as IMP, RSVP, Rhodan, Big Thumb etc. but in the period we are talking about all these came with inserts, not printed deluxe covers. Also the actual paper labels on the LPs are usually “Ruthless Rhymes”, “Dragonfly”, “ECC” but not custom printed labels that the Smilin’ Ear LPs have.

      • Chris said:

        Somewhere here in this blog, the album Yes “In The Round” is credited
        to Vicky Vinyl and it has a printed cover.

  8. Chris said:

    And I almost forgot . David Bowie ” The Thin White Duke” and the Rolling Stones ” Andrews Blues” are
    Vicky Vinyl with full color printed covers.

  9. Karl said:

    Chris, you are right that Vicki Vinyl did deluxe cover releases from some point in time on (Stones Andrew’s Blues, Bowie Thin White Duke (however the original single LP comes with insert), Cheap Trick, Springsteen 78, …), however, I would date these a little later than the first Smilin’ Ears releases and all these don’t have custom printed labels, while the ones credited to VV have Ruthless Rhymes, Dragonfly, Slipped Disc, IMP, Duck etc. labels. The appearance of the vinyl itself would also lead me to the assumption that Smilin’ Ears LPs were done in a different plant. I can’t prove my assumptions but I am pretty sure Smilin’ Ears is definitely from a different source. Stones Southern Quotations (Sm. Ears) and Stones Satisfaction Guaranteed (IMP / VV) seem like competing releases, not like complementary ones.

  10. Chris said:

    Karl, you are right about the different pressing plants. I just had a look at my VV/Dragonfly albums
    and all have the tell tale groove on the label and the Smilin´Ears don´t. Another curious Vicky Vinyl
    release is my copy of The Who “Who´s On First”. I saw in various places the printed and insert cover
    of this album, but my copy comes in a plain white jacket rubber stamped “The Who Anaheim
    Stadium´76” on Duck Recs label and matrx number IMP 1111. This is the first and only time I saw
    a Vicky Vinyl album without a insert or printed cover and rubber stamped in a TMOQ style.

  11. Karl said:

    Earliest mention I found of “Sing This all Together” is a Pied Piper catalog from January 1978. Does anybody have Pied Piper catalogs from 1977 (or catalogs by other mail order businesses)? They will help to sequence & time the various releases.

    • Chris said:

      I have Still Rare Recs catalog from 1977 and Pied Piper from !978 somewhere. I have to dig them up
      from an old crate in the attic . And you´re right. Smilin´Ears appears in 1978. One of the first records
      I order in 1978 was The Beatles “The Sixth Night At The Judo Arena”. I also have The Rolling Stones
      “Garden State 78” on Smilin Dork Recs. Do you think there´s any connection between Smiln´Ears
      and Smilin´Dork ?

    • James Crow said:

      I have early catalogues from Wayne Rogers Rock n Roll University in Carolina and then other catalogues from the West Coast from the mid-late 1970s. They are in a box, somewhere in my storage room. Would probably take hours to get them out. There was a local record store in San Jose called Underground Records run by Eric Harlow that carried nearly every bootleg LP, so I didn’t do all that much mail order buying.

      • Karl said:

        Hi James, whenever you find them, be so nice to scan/post them, it will help all people involved here with research. The earliest ones are most interesting!

  12. I have an original vinyl pressing of this, (most likely) bought in Boston, Mass circa 1978.

    Which would be pretty neat except, as the original post concludes, it’s not all that good. Some of of it was new to me at the time, though, so I have a bit of residual fondness.

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