Lynyrd Skynyrd ILMoaFB

Italian LP, released ca. 1982, hard to find

Supposedly from the Hammersmith Odeon in London on 20 December 1976, but the set list given for the corresponding tour, the One More from the Road Tour does not match (I also wonder if that single European tour date entry on wikipedia was based on this bootleg alone) and I would bet that this is the KBFH recording from Cardiff, Wales from their short European tour in November of 1975, previously bootlegged on TKRWM 1814:  cardiff peaches .

Side 1: Double Trouble / I Ain’t the One / The Needle and the Spoon / Saturday Night Special / Gimme Three Steps                                                                                                                                                             Side 2: Woman in Mind (listed as “WND Studios 11-5-1973, Memphis, TN with Al Kooper on piano) correct information: Woman of Mine (their first ever radio performance, recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis & broadcast on WMC FM, produced by Al Kooper – 30 October 1973 (since officially released on their Collectybles compilation released in 2000)) / Sweet Home Alabama / Free Bird



And that must have been the end of Flying Horses Records, no further releases were ever found that used this name and corresponding FC numbering system.

  1. Thomas said:

    Would you be willing to sell? I’m a 16 year old record collector from US an started at age 8. I have all but a few bootlegs by Skynyrd on vinyl. Just these two I am missing as I have Flyin high, live from Great Britain and an RCB bootleg. Please let me know as I’d love to add these o my collections begging a strong music lover (even built my own guitars I love music so much).

      • Thomas said:

        I understand. I don’t know if you saw my other post but I have two bootlegs signed in my collection that you don’t have up there. One is Lynyrd Skynyrd flying high, love from Great Britain and also Rossington Collins Band Live In Atlanta. I’d be willing to send photos if interested.

          • Thomas said:

            Please do.
            I stumbled upon this while looking for a certain bootleg and greatly appreciate this blog/thread and the time you’ve put into it. It’s this page that I’ve found that has the greatest number of sources and information about bootlegs along with the largest number of them. I have found many more than I had known were out there and intend to look for them.

            I also would like to add as much information as possible and what I can add about it the Flyin High Kive from Great Britain bootleg by Skynyrd and Live In Atlanta by RCB. If you email me I will gladly send photos and any information you would like about them.

            • Glad to hear you find the blog useful.

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