VAN MORRISON ‘The Mystic And His Music’ Volumes 1 + 2 – Flying Horses 016 + 022

Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 1

Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 1 a

Volume 1, released as FC 016 ca. 1982

Source: Back cover states “Recorded live at Winterland 10/12/79” but this is way off. The real source is the 5 September 1971 KSAN FM broadcast from the Pacific High Studios in San Francisco, a selection of tracks from this was first released in 1974 by Ken on his TMOQ-2 (Belfast Cowboy TMOQ 73035) and Highway Hi-Fi (Van The Man HHCER 109) bootleg labels. That post can be found by clicking here.


It is obvious that the Flying Horses producers were a bit ‘in the dark’ regarding the actual song titles, as several were just made up. I have corrected them as much as possible.

Side 1: Into The Mystic (6:50)/ Que Sera Sera – Hound Dog (3:15) / Just Like A Woman (9:00)
Side 2: Blue Money (5:10) / Bring It On Home (4:50) / On The Saxophone (?) (3:50)/ Buona Sera, Signorita (5:00)


Van Morrison: vocals, sax, electric piano, acoustic guitar
Peter Bardens: keybords
Bob Tench: guitar
Mickey Feat: bass
Peter van Hooke: drums
Herbie Armstrong: guitar
Garth Hudson: keyborads
Jerry Jumonville: tenor sax
Joel Peskin: baritone sax
Paulette Parker, Greg White, Carlena Williams & Linda Dillard: back-up vocals


Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 2

Volume 2, released as one of the last ever releases: FC 022, ca. 1983. The cover for Vol. I is printed on non-laminated gray cardboard, while Vol. 2’s cover is printed on white coated stock. 

Track list:

Side 1: Friday’s Child (6:00)/ Tupelo Honey 6:30/ Wild Night (5:00)
Side B: Dead Or Alive (5:35)/ You’re My Woman (6:20)/ These Dreams Of You (4:00)

  1. Andrew said:

    First song, Side 1 of Vol. 2 is called Friday’s Child, an old Them song, and the highlight of the set in my opinion. Thanks, as always, for all the research you do, love it!

  2. mackdaddyg said:

    “On the Saxophone” from Volume One may be “Call Me Up In Dreamland” from the His Band & Street Choir album.

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