MINK de VILLE ‘Desperate Days’ – Flying Horses 015



Source: Supposedly from the Bottom Line – New York, NY –  14 April 1981. Probably the first ever Mink de Ville bootleg released with a pressing run of around 300. Released in 1982 in Italy.

Side 1: Overture/ Slow Drain/ Desperate Days/ Steady Driving Man/ Love Song/ Just About Love                                                                                                                                             Side 2: Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/ Just Your Friends/ Spanish Stroll/ Maybe Tomorrow/ This World Outside/ Mazurka/ One Way Street/ Just To Walk That Little Girl Home

Research is not made easier by the fact that The Swingin’ Pig label released a vinyl double LP and CD under the same title in 1992/3 (containing a different recording: Live at the Hot Point Festival, Lausanne/Switzerland, September 3, 1988).

  1. Christoph Odendahl said:

    I can suply you with pics of Mink de Ville’s Desperate Days (both versions) and, if you want me to, of several more (for example you have listed no Doors Bootlegs yet!). What size do you need, how do I send the pics to you? Btw: Great site – sometimes I wish i had a bit more navigation, i.e. when I choose an Artist a submenue of the included recs would be nice. Thank you and all the best Christoph

  2. Jérôme said:

    I’m french and I scratch your website.
    congratulations ! it’s very interrestiing !!!
    if you want, I can send you pictures of this bootleg (Mink de Ville – Desperate Days)

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