JOHNNY WINTER ‘The blues lives here’ 2 LP – Flying Horses 007

Winter J Blues-Live-Here

Winter J Blues-Live-Here detail 2

Winter J Blues-Live-Here detail

Side 1:  Hideaway(10:30) / Messin’with the Kid (7:20)
Side 2:  Walkin’by Myself (7:20) / Delta Blues (16:45)
Side 3:  Suzie Q(12:00) / The Runner(4:00) / I’m Ready (5:40)
Side 4:  Rockabilly Boogie(5:45) / Blues is a Five Gold Letter Word (14:40)

HW rating: “Exs”

Supposedly recorded at Victoria Palace in Hamburg, Germany on 20 December, 1979. However, there never was a live venue called “Victoria Palace” in Hamburg and Johnny toured Europe in April and May (when he cemented his reputation by headlining the annual Spring Rockpalast TV night that was broadcasted live all over Europe and could ‘make’ an artist with one performance).

After some research, I would like to offer this date and venue as the best guess and place the date back in his European Spring tour:

Winter J HH 79

1 comment
  1. Martin Schreiber said:

    these tracks are taken from the well-known “rockpalast” show, broadcast live on april 22nd 1979 from grugahalle in essen, germany.

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