Magazine Purchase Fund and Article Share

I so far have not pursued the purchase of original magazines from the 1970’s but it has been on my mind for a while as many of the articles are not online or only as a paid subscription – like that copy of Circus magazine, to see if really mentions the first Pink Floyd bootleg.

There is, for example a longer story in Harper’s Monthly, January 1974 with a 4 page article called The bootleg blues by Ed Ward [viewing this article would otherwise require a $40 annual online subscription]. I have also been researching which issue of Esquire had the Scott Johnson interview (Rubber Dubber) in it and if I find that out, will put that on my list.

My suggestion would be if anyone wants to contribute and send me a couple of $s to my PayPal account, you would receive a scan of the article as well, as soon as I have obtained the magazine.

Our first target would be to raise $16.60 this week to buy a copy of Harper’s. A new copy of the October ’71 issue of Circus is also offered but I find it too expensive at almost $30. Funds received in excess of the target will be used for the next purchase.

Please leave a comment if you wish to participate and I will respond directly to your personal email address.

  1. Karl said:

    I have the Rubber Dubber article in Harper’s Monthly in print, will scan but please allow some time! Regards, Karl

    • Thank you so much, Karl. I didn’t think, someone would have it. Great!

  2. John.....the dubber fan :-) said:

    Karl for president!!….that is indeed fantastic…!! should we donate to Karl?…or tell me your musical interests so maybe something from that is in my collection and i will sent you some…..!!

    • Karl said:

      Hi John, thank you for the nomination 😉 I spent $12 or 15 for that magazine some years ago but no need to donate, maybe you have any other paper/printed stuff about vintage boots that you can upload or send to our always hard working spinalcracker!

      For all readers: I think that besides the magazines, vintage mail order bootleg catalogues, particularly from the early 70s would help a lot to find out more about our favourite topic.

      I have identified these sources but could not get a hold of them, maybe anyone can help to find/scan these?

      MELODY MAKER MAGAZINE October 3 1970 “Led Zeppelin Hammer Bootlegs!”
      Cadence Magazine, 1976, page 10 (don’t know which issue)
      Los Angeles Free Press: nov 13-19 1970 (rubber dubber bootleg lp article)

      The Scott Johnson interview is featured in an issue from Esquire 1971 (sorry, I don’t know the exact issue).

      • Thank you Karl, for your comment and giving us some new leads.

        The following issues did *not* have a feature interview that sounded like it was the one, however, this may have been included as a non-featured item in one of their “Departments” sections?

        Example from March ’71 issue:

        Publisher’s page: THE MATTER OF PAGE SIZE.
        RECORDINGS … Martin Mayer.
        BOOKS … Malcolm Muggeridge.
        SPORTS … Roger Kahn.
        FICTION … Barton Midwood.
        FILMS … Jacob Brackman.

        In that case, the only hope left is to buy the microfilm version currently offered on ebay, however, I don’t have a m.f. reader and how could one copy from that? I guess take a picture with a digital camera.


  3. John.....the dubber fan :-) said:

    Great idea…!! For myself i will write to those mags and ask them if they still have copy’s in their basements..!!
    There must be lot of people from the bootleg area who are traceable and i think it’s an easier job for ‘fans’ from the States to do so. Years ago i worked some days a week for a bootleg dealer. Going to record fairs, markets and so on. It were the golden days of the cd boots. Oh my god…what did that man earn a lot of money.On good days we were with 5 people standing after the tables and selling boot cd.s The man himself was sitting after a little table and counting and registering all day the sales. On some occasions there came vans loaded with boxes with new released boots..f.e. Prince’s Black album..(which was a mega seller). and so!! Sometimes the man took me to his ‘warehouse’ were we did our shopping. Hundreds of thousands of that discs. If i remember back on those days it was still fascinating…but that days we were used to it. As being it a normal job.
    The man also was responsible for importing the live records before the cd flood. He imported directly from the states and his main titles were from the TMOQ, area. To be honest…that was before my interruption in the illegal ‘sale’ ( not collecting…) world. He had sold thousands of TMOQ’, TAKRL’S, and so on. At his home he had still an enormous collection of sealed / new records. I asked him if we had a quite period if i could have a look at his collection and buy some. Unfortunately that quite period never came , cause we were very very busy.!! ( The man also recorded live shows here in Holland, and he told me that he taped a concert of Paul mc Beatles.he added the show with a friend. After the show he put the tapes on to listen if the recording had worked out fine, his ‘friend’ was beside him…after that they went out for a drink….than they returned to their car.., tape was lost,…!! After a couple of days he found his tape back in his car…..(!!)…and later on he bought lp’s with his recording on it.) ( It means that his friend lend the tapes, put them later back in the car and pressed the records!! The man was also working for the magazine from radio Veronica, ( a pirate radio station in the 70’s) were he wrote columns for. he had several suits from the Buma/Stemra for selling illegal music but he had a very good lawyer who did his thing. Dealers who were caught by authorities first get a warning..please will you never sell those things again…for a second time by caughting they had to fill in a form which states that they promise that they will never sell illegal material….if once you’ve signed that petition ..than they could get you and sue you ! (Which happens with dealers i know from that days..fine;s from millions of guilders and years imprisonment!!.. So as longer you wait with signing that letter…and it could spread over a period over years by a good lawyer… you could continue with doing your business. Today the law has changed for that matter. Years later ( i stopped working for him because it became to dangerous..(and i did get a ‘real’ job.)…think about it that in the golden years of bootlegging that there was more money involved than in the drug scene!! ) Years later I went to the man’s home to pay him a visit and ask if i could buy his record collection…, his wife opened the door and told me that he died of cancer!!

  4. Victor said:

    Hey, don’t know if Karl was able to get back to you, but if not I have PDF scans of the Harper’s ’74 article on Rubber Dubber Records. Email me if you still want them.

    • Karl did get back to me but thank you very much for your kind offer.

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