Dittolino Discs – Final Round Up

ROD STEWART WITH SMALL FACES – ‘NET WT. VERY HEAVY’  previously included in this post

JAMES TAYLOR – ‘FIRE + RAIN’ (TAILOR MADE)  now updated & included in this post

NEIL YOUNG – ‘NIEL’ LIVE  included in this post with a better image




And there you have all Dittolino Disc releases. We still don’t know who was behind this label but this series of posts were a lot more interesting than I had first expected.

  1. Yesdays said:

    Thanks for the work on the Dittolino section, and the entire blog. What’s next? A label that always intrigued me was an Italian outfit called Flying Horses. 1980’s issue, I believe, so maybe not a “classic” label. The only title I have is a Johnny Winter (God rest his Soul) release “The Blues Lives Here”.

    • You are welcome. I will put Flying Horses on my list for you. I sometimes don’t even know what’s next until shortly before it goes to “(word)press”.

    • John said:

      indeed..a great job again…

  2. Doinker said:

    Many thanks. And, I have quite a few of the Berkeley wrap-around releases. You have my email, ask and I’ll send you jpgs. THANKS again!

    • Thank you for the offer. I will come back to it, once I start on that label.

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