(janis) joplin ‘get it while you can’ / “INFINITY BLUES”

Joplin J JJ 4 ABCD

Look closely, we will meet these labels again (purple cover with gold sticker version further down).


Joplin J JJ 4 ABCD 2

I do like HOTWACKS very much as a resource – I sometimes leaf through it just for fun – but it is not without its errors. This entry is a good example for that, as the master release they list by JANIS REC. is not the original and the quality rating of “Gm” is not deserved. The statement “Also available on Dittoline [sic’Records JJ4 (Vgs) already hints at that.”

The original, on yellow vinyl and much better in quality than “Gm”, pressed in a significant number of copies following her death in October of 1970, as it can still be found today without much effort:

Joplin J Get it While You Can yel

Joplin J Get it While You Can yel b

Joplin J Get it While You Can yel lbl


Wayne Harada of Billboard magazine (July 25, 1970):

H.I.C. Arena, Honolulu Hawaii: Janis Joplin wailed her way to two standing ovations in her Hawaii debut July 8th before a crowd of 7,000 at the Honolulu International Center Arena. The Columbia Records artist dazzled the audience with her eclectic song-bag and her style of dress. Besides her riveting hits (“Piece of My Heart” “Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)” “Kozmic Blues” and “Maybe”) she brought along a wild stage costume consisting of sequined pants outfit, a dozen bracelets, a number of necklaces, and orange feathers or her stringy hair.

“Summertime” was an unusual inclusion in her sock-rock repertoire. It had a baroque feel, and Miss Joplin often resembled Bessie Smith – haunting, creative and expertly polished. Day Blindness, a group from San Francisco, were her supporting act. While they must’ve had something to say lyrically, their sound system was up too high.



Doinker noted:

What you have in your hot little hands is the original edition of “Get It While You Can”, which was pressed on yellow vinyl a very long time ago. I have the more recent reissue which runs a poor second on quality, and does nothing for listener. You have a great sounding Janis at top form to listen to, a rowdy audience, PLUS Mr. Asshole Announcer (who hasn’t a clue of how to deal with them). It’s simply great. This is a raw soundboard, you can feel the room shake if you turn it up loud enough.


One of the lesser sounding copies:

Joplin J Get it While You Can purple cover 2

Here are those labels again.


Joplin J Get it While You Can purple bJoplin J Get it While You Can purple cover detailJoplin J Get it While You Can purple cover lbl


I suspect that the Carole King release Fit For A King, done in a similar cover art style and also with a sticker, may have been produced by the same outfit.

King Carol Fit For A King

Taylor J Tailor Made st

Also this James Taylor release. Of course, the gold sticker was in general popular with bootleggers – for example the second generation of pig stickers used on TMOQ product:

pig sticker

And on other titles:


Dylan DLB Zer gold st


And another version, with labels saying “Linda/Rich”, making it the 4th for the unedited show spread over 2 LPs. One eBay seller claimed this was in fact the original release and the one on yellow PVC came out as many as 10 years later. That is incorrect, the yellow vinyl version was the original one. This version here is credited to WCF.

Joplin J Get it While You Can Linda R

Matrix: 740 A / B + 741 A / B

Joplin J Get it While You Can Linda R lbl R1Joplin J Get it While You Can Linda R lbl L1Joplin J Get it While You Can Linda R lbl R2


From bootlegzone.com:

Various releases exist:
Memory JJ1234 2LP
Dittolono Discs JJ4 2LP
TMOQ 71023 as ‘Infinity Blues’ 2LP   [I am pretty certain that this is a mistake and was never produced]
TMOQ T1023  JJ – 110 as ‘Infinity Blues’ Single LP


In late spring 1971, Dub & Ken picked up a copy and while listening to it realized that there was quite a bit of dead air present on the unedited recording: Stage banter, pauses, tuning, crowd issues, etc. They decided to edit all of these out in order to issue this as a single LP, which they did in June of 1971 and under a different title.


“The 2-record set has the same 8 tunes as “Infinity Blues” but a whole lot more stage chatter, including some confused talk and noodling around while the sound system is being adjusted.
The TMQ bootleggers took the 2-Lp set and edited it down to the one-disc “Infinity Blues,” which is a more common boot. For years it was listed as a May 1970 concert in San Rafael (which would seem to be the infamous Hells Angels gig), but sometime in the 80s, when it was a commonly traded collectors tape, it had been attributed to Hawaii. I’ve never seen the proof either way, although from the audience sounds and the very straight, uptight emcee who introduces Janis, it can’t be a Hells Angels event. The performances sound a lot like Festival Express, so it’s early in the Full Tilt summer. I treasured this boot when I first had it, because until ’82 and “Farewell Song” it was the only audio source for “Tell Mama” (which, unfortunately, is also the only track that has a sound glitch — whoever taped it lost a second or two of volume as Janis got into the song.) I’ve always wondered if there wasn’t more to the show — even the 2-record set isn’t much longer than an hour and they were playing “Cry Baby” by the time this was recorded.”


Joplin J Infinity Blues 2

A first/early edition, based on sticker color and label design.


  1. yesdays said:

    For the TMOQ release, there were also the insert cover version(s) with the famous Bob Seidemann nude photo image of Janis.

    • I will show more of this once I tackle the TMOQ releases in detail.

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