1. John said:

    the people from Dittolino weren’t strong enough to push the stamp right into the ink….or was the ink quite expensive those days? 🙂

    • Dittolino stamps were only applied by magic fairies on full moon nights with the help of butterflies – that’s why 😉

  2. John said:


    • I have to chuckle. How many people on this planet are really interested in an in depth analysis of this copy label with (mostly) ugly covers? Never before has there been such a series of articles/posts on this topic and I doubt it will ever happen again – ah, the magic of the internet, where no topic is too obscure to bring those together that share an interest in it.

  3. John said:

    agree completely,….obscure, brutal, sick and unthinkable things are finding a readers eye through the way of internet…things such as meating, killing and eating eachother, how to have as dirty as hell sexual pervert hobby’s, calls for come out and kill for your prophet, and yes……some weirdo’s that are interested in some bad quality illegal and scumbag records and/ or their producers and their history!!

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