CREEDENCE [CLEARWATER REVIVAL] – REVIVED: Dittolino # 0005 * July 4th, 1971 – Closing Night of the Fillmore West*

CCR RevivedCCR Revived lbl

I did not expect a fully printed label for a Dittolini release. Hotwacks, however, states that these tracks were on side 2. They do make more sense on side 1 as these were performed in the first part of the performance.

The other side contains: Commotion / Lodi / Bad Moon Rising / Proud Mary / Up Around The Bend / Hey Tonight / Sweet Hitchhiker

As if I had planned it, Dittolino # 0005 was recorded on a July 4th at the closing night of the Fillmore West in San Francisco, as broadcast by KSAN-FM.

The master is now owned by wolfgangsvault:

1 Tuning 01:47
2 Born On The Bayou 05:22
3 Green River 03:55
4 It Came Out Of The Sky 03:31
5 Door To Door 03:25
6 Travelin’ Band 03:30
7 Fortunate Son 02:21
8 Commotion 04:13
9 Lodi 04:02
10 Bad Moon Rising 02:15
11 Proud Mary 04:08
12 Up Around The Bend 03:32
13 Hey Tonight 03:04
14 Sweet Hitchhiker 02:48
15 John Fogerty Speech 01:08
16 Keep On Chooglin’ 08:07
17.Bill Graham Outro / Introduction of Allen Ginsberg 02:32


CCR Creedence Live R

The artwork on the blank white cardboard sleeve no doubt added by of one of the previous owners, note the amended spelling to “Dittowino”.

According to HOTWACKS, this was also released as Live In Concert on 5D Records by I have not found any trace or image of this item. Not many CCR bootlegs were made and those that were are not that easy to find. What I did find is the following LP, which likely contained the exact same songs as the Dittolini LP, according to this CCR bootleg page:

Based on what information we have, the Dittolino release was likely a copy of one of these two:

CCR Revived

CCR Revived lbl

Matrix: HH CC 1/2

A late, and somewhat harder to find, addition to the family of HH releases.


CCR Revived br

Record Revolution CC 1/2

One might just have been a reissue of the other done from the same pressing plates. The art work was done by the same person as the Morrison / Hendrix / Winter Jam album:

Morrison Hendrix W Jam col 2 sm


In 1984, the material was re-released as part of the Box Top series, with the first 50 copies on clear PVC:

CCR Fillmore West

Part of the July 4, 1971 broadcast was pressed in the 1980s on a radio station live sampler as part of the Retrorock series together with selections from a recording made at Oakland Coliseum on January 31, 1970. The radio station broadcast or even an original LP was subsequently bootlegged in 1986 as Live in the USA 1971 (BR-13868-5):

CCR Live USA 1971


CCR Fillmore East June 71CCR Fillmore East June 71 bCCR Fillmore East June 71 lbl

Roots or Root Records? It seems that this 1980’s release could not quite make up its mind.




Circa 1987 saw a final release of the Fillmore West material on side 2 of this release as part of the BBR / (fake) Instant Analysis series as BBR 09. Some sleeves (first editions?) are reported to have John’s last name spelled “Forerty “.



CCR live

Fillmore West 70

The Fillmore West in 1970.


Happy 4th of July to all that celebrate it.

  1. J said:

    nice one..the Dittowino 🙂 section…as i always thought that this label was one of the very first ones and there releases were first ones….just to mention the very ugly and cheap without any fantasy made inserts…, so ugly that they were simply fantastic!!
    but every release is a copy of?

    • I agree their slip sheet designs were in a class by itself …
      So far, I am pretty sure that we will find that they didn’t have a single original release to their name when we are done.

  2. BM said:

    I was curious, so I went back through my Vinyl Collection, and I indeed have Credence Clearwater Revival..
    “Revival At The Fillmore West” on the Box Top label, (Black vinyl),
    along with CCR “The old Man Is Back” on Instant Analysis, (Black Vinyl”

  3. Erik T said:

    I bought The Old Man Is Back at Second Coming Records on a trip in 1988. It was real cheap, like 8 bucks, at a a time when new bootlegs in my (Canadian) town went for 25$-40$ for single or double discs, more for Euro product. I also bought The Doors Something’s Rockin In Denmark, sealed, for about the same price. They were definitely slingin’ them out. The Fogerty l.p. has a yellow insert and a black, textured cover, like those old Folkways records or the back of a game board. Decent quality, I guess that was the whole Viet Nam vets benefit broadcast. I think that was the first time John played a Creedence song since the band broke up! I’m pretty sure I read an interview with him, maybe RS ’87, that he famously avoided playing any CCR material for a long time, until Bob Dylan got him to sing on stage in a drunken jam session in L.A. In 1987. I remember being excited to hear this album and it didn’t let me down.

    I have the Record Revolution l.p. too, nice l.p. The back cover claims “professional quality”, so I guess people were wary of bootlegs’ sound quality from the get-go.

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