Led Zeppelin Gone TCLed Zeppelin Gone TC detail

Source: L.A. Forum September 4 1970

Side 1: What Is And What Should Never Be/ Moby Dick/ Medley: Communication Breakdown; Good Times Bad Times; For What It’s Worth (26:53)
Side 2: Since I’ve Been Loving You/ Organ Improv/ Thank You/ Out On The Tiles/ Blueberry Hill (27:00)

Matrix markings: ZEP-2/3 (S-2551-2)

Hotwacks just states this derives from sides 2 & 3 of a bootleg called Blueberry Hill, probably referring to TMOQ’s classic release Live On Blueberry Hill, shown below in a second pressing.

Led Zep Blueberry Hill 2nd pr Blimp

The internal Dittolini Records numbering would place this into the middle of 1971, which makes it one of the earlier copies of this title.

The most remarkable detail here is the chosen title. If this was released before November 8, 1971, which I think we can make a good argument for, it would predate the release of Led Zeppelin iV and the album track “Going To California”.

Would you rather have this or the Dittolino ‘half’? Still, the copy single LP shown at the start managed to sell at auction in June of 2014 for $60.



The Titanic Records 9001 2 LP release by the same name mentioned on argenteumastrum.com had a color cover and was issued around 1980. I doubt either one was derived from the other.

Led Zep BH Titanic R 2


  1. Roger said:

    Was that $60.00 price tag from 1971!?
    I remember purchasing my Stones Alive on Dittoland Discs for $3.95-$5.95, at my local underground record store, back then.

    • No, it sold at auction in June of 2014 for that – plus shipping from Japan. Text now updated to make it clearer.

      • Roger said:

        Oh hell….then I consider that a bargin, but the shipping charges from some of these countries is just a deal breaker at times. But if say 8 out if 10 sellers will give me s break in shipping to the US.

  2. Most Dittolini releases are not that sought after, so a high minimum bid at $60 with a taker did surprise me. … And postage is not going to get cheaper, we know that. Having a real impact on (record) collecting.

    • Roger said:

      This is true, but if I see something I’ve been searching for, the cost of postage won’t keep me away. In fact there is a contact in Israel that only charges $4.00 USD fir shipping in each LP. Granted it takes 10-21 days to arrive, but for that kind of shipping prices, I can wait! ;^}

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