What’s New – July 1, 2014

That was an unintended long break between posts. My job hours mushroomed and zapped all my energy and time from me, unfortunately. However, neither the blog nor I am dead yet – fortunately.

The second part of the ‘Beatles on Dittolino Discs’ also got a complete re-write today, as it had been created when vinylegs was offline.

  1. BM said:

    Im sure Im not the only one that appreciates all your efforts.
    I love this site, and have been collecting “underground” vinyl for 38 years.
    Keep up the excellent work!

    • Thank you, great to know that you find what I throw together valuable.

  2. Mick said:

    Welcome back!

    I have missed your regular posts and I’m looking forward to your next ones! Great site & I appreciate all your hard work and efforts keeping us interested and for keeping this thing alive!


    Geordie Mick

    • Thanks, Mick. I will try to keep going until 2015 at least, maybe able to stretch into 2016, we will see.

  3. Roger said:

    I’m recoup wearing from surgery and pretty much stuck at home. So I pass the hours by purchasing “rare” vinyl.
    So far in 2 weeks, I’ve picked up 10 new titles and all on colored, swirl or splatter vinyl! I guess there is an “up side” to following doctors orders. 😉

    • Mick said:

      Hi Roger, interested to know what you’ve managed to pick up? Were they expensive?

      Hope you get well soon and away from temptations might save you some $$’s!


      Geordie Mick

      • BM said:

        I picked up the following:

        1) Van Halen “Party Time” Black Vinyl
        2) Queen “By Appointment Only” Black Vinyl
        3) Whitesnake “Still Of The Night” Amber Vinyl
        4) Stones “Liver Than You’ll Ever Be” 2 LP Blue Swirl Vinyl(Oakland Coliseum complete 2nd show in order)
        5) Ozzy “Live L.A. June 1981” 2 LP w/RR
        6)Van Halen “Summertime” 2 LP Live 1984 Black Vinyl
        7) Van Halen Live 5150″ Live 1986 2 LP Black Vinyl
        8) AC/DC “Live BBC” 2 LP Pink Swirl Vinyl
        9) AC/DC “Bons Last Highway To Hell” 2 LP (last concert 1980) 2 LP colored vinyl
        10) AC/DC “Load Up Your Cannons” 2 LP Red Swirl Vinyl live 1986
        11) Queen “Ultra Rare vol III” Demos/outakes 1 LP Blue Vinyl

  4. Yesdays said:

    Welcome back. Take care & don’t over do it.

    • Thank you. The problem is that the research for each post takes quite a bit of time.

  5. YesDays said:

    Thanks. I believe all the regular readers of this blog realize how much time and work it takes to run this site, and we greatly appreciate the effort. Do you have any of these books? They are Beatles, Dylan and Stones dedicated, but they are very detailed. Could find helpful information them
    1. Raging Glory by Dennis Liff
    2. Rolling Stones Bootleg Bible by Dieter Hoffman
    3. Cancelled: The Beatles Unreleased Recordings by Mr. Kite

    • BM said:

      Actually there is a book out chronicling all of the Van Halen Vinyl Bootleg LP’s,
      up to about 8 years ago. Its available on “Word Press”.
      I was unaware that there was even anything, like that out there.
      So I ordered it, and was enthralled by all the pictures,
      of the Front/Back covers along with pictures of the Vinyl,
      and back stories of how they came to be.along with other details of,
      numbers pressed.
      I was surprised when I looked inside, to see that the author had dedicated his book to ME! 😉

      • And again I see I am just no $$$ hungry enough, giving away all this info for zip, zilch, nada… Well, who are you? VH taper extraordinaire? Mega collector? Sound guy who procured many soundboards. close associate of the band… ?

        • Roger said:

          Wow….Is there something I’m missing here? I love collecting vinyl.
          I’ve been collecting for 37 years.
          Not just VH but many other classics rock artists. So I’m trying to understand the “tone” of your reply/question Spinalcrackerbox?

      • Well, who is BM, that the book was dedicated to him, that’s all. … I hope the first part was clear.

    • I don’t have any of these but I have others, especially Beatles-related. Still very much looking for Beatlegmania Vol. 1 by John C. Winn. Would love to find a book discussing TMOQ releases in detail or on bootlegging in Japan but I have a feeling they have yet to be written – if that even ever happens, as our generation thins out.

  6. YesDays said:

    Thanks. If the book is on the Internet, it would be nice to know the URL for the site.

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