TMQ 5466 -8 + HAR 160-164-147 Box: Lou Cohan Springsteen Releases – Post-Bust. “By the people – For the people”

Three reissues, all credited to THE JERSEY DEVIL + an album (sub)title, all with the same simple look and aimed at fooling the FBI that this was a TMOQ job.


5466: King Of The Alley

Springsteen Jersey Devil HH 3

Single LP, does include ‘Thunder Road’; Matrix: TMQ 5466 / some with HAR matrix numbers claims This is the master and artwork that K&S reissued in 1979 on red PVC as # 060 in a limited edition.

Text says: ” The first song is from the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles as performed at Columbia Records Annual Convention in 1973. The last one is from the Main Point in Philadelphia on February 9, 1975. Everything else is from the Main Point on April 24, 1973.

TMQ 5466 – By the people – For the people “

Springsteen TJD KotAlley


5467: A Harley In Heat

Springsteen Harley in Heat 2

Springsteen Harley in Heat

Matrix: TMQ 5467; 2 LPs on black vinyl

A reissue of The Roxy / “Ain’t nobody here from the billboard tonight” [HA 160 / IMP 1105] – previously reviewed here


5468: Ragamuffin Gunner

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner 4

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner 3

Version 1:

A reissue of Hot Coals From The Fiery Furnace  from the same Hofmann Avenue Records 164 plates. 
Matrix is HAR164 A-B – the TMOQ # can only be found on the slip sheet. No other markings in the run out groove this time, so no dedications and the writing is different.

This seems to be the only of the three Jersey Devil reissues that was also pressed on colored PVC:


Springsteen Jersey Devil 146

Springsteen Jersey D


Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner creamSpringsteen Ragamuffin Gunner J copy

Above: I first thought this might be a Japanese copy but apparently that is not the case after all. label is looks like a homemade typed-and-then-cut-into-lable-shape job.


Version 2 (not produced by Lou Cohan):

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner v 2

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner v 2 b

The (much) later picture disc release copied the same artwork:

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner pic disc


All five discs were also available in a box set called Box O’Rocks.   I do not know if the individual TMQ branded sets came first or the box did – I am leaning towards the second case, purely based on the striped PVC used in pressing the first run but this may be wrong.


1. 100 copies on color vinyl with black stripes, cover was a tan colored insert:

Springsteen Box O Rocks striped A

It seems that the first issue boxes were numbered as this one was offered as # 88/100 on eBay (and sold for $602 in February of 2014):

Springsteen Box O Rocks # 88

1.a. Apparently, the first pressing discs are not just found with the tan/gold insert color:

Springsteen Box O Rocks striped 1

2. 100 copies on red, yellow, clear, and m/c PVC. White insert:

Springsteen Box O Rocks col.


3. 150 copies two blue, two yellow and a red disc. White insert:

Springsteen Box O Rocks yel


4. Copied on QUICK Q RECORDS with a new b/w insert. Opportunity Records labels:

Springsteen Box O Rocks RE

Springsteen Box O Rocks Opp label

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  1. Mike Trz said:

    Lo and behold, I have the five disk Box of Rocks set identified as #3. Anybody interested?

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