Any Knowledge Out There?

If you have any information about these planned future topics, please leave a comment:

1. Dittolino Discs label – I can put together a discography but that’s the extent of my knowledge on them.

2. TMOQ – how to identify pressing/year based on label and other characteristics.

3. First bootlegs in Japan – a largely unknown topic in the West. I wonder if Gold magazine ever had any articles on this?

What is the first vinyl bootleg ever produced in Japan? In the running are Led Zeppelin Super-Star! double [recently sold for $1500 and topic of a post]:

Led Zeppelin Super-Stars! 2 sm

A Japanese copy of Deep Purple’s H-Bomb on Kustom Records, now titled Live In Concert  on the cover sticker, which is a European bootleg from 1971:


Deep Purple Live In Concert II

Or the lowest numbered OG records release – the lowest one I found so far is ROLLING STONES LIVE AT HIDEPARK  (OG-504) – but I suspect this was not the first one they ever did.

Or a completely different title.

  1. Tommy said:

    regarding TMOQ, you probably already know this but I’ll go ahead and get things started, one way to easily identify a TMOQ first pressing is if the William Stout artwork is printed directly on the cover (as apposed to the standard insert) Three examples are All Meat Music, Welcome To New York & Stoneaged. All Meat Music was the very first artwork TMOQ commissioned Stout for. He was paid $50 and had to go to the corner of Yucca & Cahuenga in Hollywood and wait for a car which drove by, he threw the now famous artwork in the car and they threw out his $50. The rest is history…;_)

    • Thank you for the info regarding artwork printed directly on the cover.

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