H.A.R. 168: BOB DYLAN/The Rolling Tunder Revue ”HOLD THE FORT FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH”

Dylan HTFFWIW Dragonf 2

Dylan HtFfWiW b

Dylan HtFfWiW b detailDylan HtFfWiW b detail 2

Dylan HtFfWiW lbl 3

First pressing, b & w “swirled” wax

Dylan S 3

Second pressing: Clear with black

A few descriptions found on the web:

“The original was black and white splatter. A second issue had black and clear splatter. After this, there was an issue that had one solid gold, and one solid green LP [4th pressing ]. Lastly, the piece was reissued on black vinyl with blank labels [5th ].

“Record one: deep red, with black and white splatters coloured vinyl. Record two: yellow with red, white and green splatters coloured vinyl. [3rd ]”

“The vinyl here is blue, white and black.”

Dylan HtFfWiW red

Another in a series of important recordings in mediocre sound quality [the soundboard recording has since become available; 3-5 stars for the vinyl audience rec. bootleg vs 9 stars for the soundboard recording on CD], this time in a real classy presentation.

“I always tried to put labels on the records, always tried to use coloured vinyl when it was available at the plant… When I made a little bit more money and wanted to get fancier and wanted to improve the quality of the product, I took the artwork to professional album-jacket companies.” [Lou Cohen interviewed by Clinton Heylin]

Heylin also pointed out that while Dylan’s first leg of the Rolling Thunder tour had produced a number of titles – “including no less than six different releases from Ken’s family of labels” – the 1976 leg was mostly ignored until this set was released.

Dylan HtFfWiW red ora

bobsboots raves about the look of this set but I think almost all the Hoffman Avenue releases are gorgeous (and the Idle Mind ones, and Wizardo’s too…). Some comments from that site:

“It would be hard to produce a piece as nice looking as this without wanting to give yourself at little pat on the back. In the liner notes there is a section thanking certain individuals by first name. The first four names that the album is dedicated to are Lou & Char, and Sean & Mark. Each album side contains one of these names in the matrix area of the runoff. 
Side 1- Lou  Side 2- Char  Side 3- Sean  Side 4- Mark “

“An oddity to note is that side four of the album  is pressed on the reverse of side one.  This is a practice that a few legitimate manufacturers began in the 70’s to accommodate stacking the albums together on automatic turntables, and being able to play side one and two and/or side three and four without having to get up to flip the records. Convenient maybe, but hard on the vinyl. “

Dylan HTFFWIW Dragonf

Black PVC and with Dragonfly labels.


Dylan Ft Worth stub

“Conventional wisdom about the 1976 Southern tour was that it lacked the sparkle and spontaneity of the previous leg.  However, the recordings I’ve been listening to would tend to explode that theory. Baez and Dylan are in fine form during their duet segment and other highlights include T Bone Burnett singing a new song called ‘Silver Mantis’.  Overall,  the band sound coherent where they’d sounded a trifle ragged at times before.  Despite this, there’s no doubt that ticket sales for this leg were slow and the tour meandered westwards into May before grinding to a halt after a gig  in front of a half-full auditorium in Salt Lake City.

Dylan wouldn’t appear on stage again until The Band’s Farewell Concerts in San Francisco the following November.” [Taken from the ‘Learning to say nothing’ blog]



Dylan on stage in the spring of ’76 … ‘interesting guitar, Bob’


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