Hoffman Avenue Records III: The Next Four – More Springsteen + Joni Mitchell + Jackson Browne + David Bowie

Springsteen HCftFF red gre

For his third Springsteen release, Lou created another hodgepodge of live recordings from 1973 -75, taken from audience recordings this time and one of the few titles getting a detailed review in Heylin’s book: “… the sound was not on par with its predecessors but performances like the twenty minute ‘E Street Shuffle’, a heart stopping ‘Lost in the Flood’ and a fourth side of non-stop knock-’em dead covers – ‘Wear My Ring Around Your Neck’, ‘It’s My Life’, ‘Sha La La’, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, ‘It’s Gonna Work Out Fine’ and ‘Up on the Roof’ – made it perhaps the most authentic Springsteen boot yet produced.” [Bootleg, Heylin, p. 118]

If anyone has a close up of the back flap insert text, please leave a comment.

Matrix messages this time around:  not one of us is free   Until all of us are free  / To Karen innocent lover   Vivacious and kissable

Pink, orange or yellow inserts. The pink ones may have been the first ones, used on a pressing run limited to 300. Above is a first pressing with picture labels, also with two red mcv discs, as seen here below:

Springsteen HCftFF red red

and blue:

Springsteen HCFAFF blu disc

The following seems to be an example of the second pressing, described as “later issue, again by HAR … on red/yellow- black or red/blue- black vinyl with custom labels” on brucespringsteen.it, which also states “Repressed also with TMQ 5468 labels (and matrix) in black vinyl (some coloured) and blank labels.“.

Springsteen Hot Coals red

Below, third pressing on plain red and yellow PVC:

Springsteen HCftFF red ora cl

And on black PVC:

Springsteen Hot Coals bl

Another label variation found via popsike:

Springsteen HCFAFF Storytime lbl



Mitchell J PAM 2

Mitchell J PaM

Lou rolls out another Vibrator Records title. Made in The Ukraine! Of all places… I have only ever seen this in multicolor blue and it may only have been pressed once. Technically, this should make it one of the rarer H.A.R. titles but this has not translated into higher prices. Not an easy to research title, popsike does not know it at all.

“For the sake of history let me clear up a few inaccuracies. I was the guy who interviewed Joni in the late 60s and it was my folk radio show (and some live performances from the Second Fret in Philly) that were bootlegged. The interviews from 1967 were recorded on my Sunday night radio shows on WHAT-FM (96.5) in Philadelphia (the station is now WWDB) My assistant, Ed Sciaky who was doing a show on his college radio station (WRTI at Temple) taped my interviews with Joni and then took his WRTI recorder to the Fret to get her in concert. Theses historic taped shows were first aired on WHAT-FM and WRTI-FM and played years later on WMMR when both Ed and I were DJs there. That’s when they were bootlegged.
During the first interview Joni’s husband Chuck was in the studio—they did “Circle Game” together, but the quality of that tape was bad and I rarely repeated it. Also during one interview she sang “Sugar Mountain” and told the story of how a friend of her’s in Toronto was unable to get into this folkie coffeehouse when he reached age 20  so he wrote this song to bemoan  loosing his teen status, and entre to the club. She said his name was Neil Young , but never went on to tell me that she wrote “Circle
Game” in response to “Sugar Mountain”. I heard her relate that story years later in the BBC radio concert she did with James Taylor.  Interesting stuff eh?
Just thought I’d set the record straight. On the back of one LP the bootleggers thanked the people at WMMR for playing the tapes they ripped off. They didn’t know the true origin of the tapes. Meanwhile that’s my voice on those snippets of interviews.
Gene Shay/ WXPN, WHYY, Philadelphia (Still doing Sunday folk shows after all these years!)”

These comments also apply to the WINTERLADY release on Ken’s Flat Records label, previously featured in this post.


Mitchell J PaM disc


Browne J rated X 3

Pressed on mcv orange, green and blue PVC.

A reminder why you should not (have) tape(d) the slip sheet onto the plain white cover if you removed the shrink wrap, a definite value reducer in most cases as the tape deteriorates and turns very dark:

Browne J rated X blu

Inserts came in yellow and white:

Browne J rated X b&w

Browne J rated X detail

It seems that there was another pressing on plain red PVC, which is not often seen:

Browne J rated X red

And on black vinyl and with a Dragonfly label:

Browne J rated X black


Jackson Browne live at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA, on 07 September 1975, as broadcast by WMMR. Part of this broadcast was also released on TAKRL 1993 THE RETURN OF THE COMMON MAN and in full on the Impossible Recordworks double IMP 2-14: Live At The Main Point  (follow the link)



Detailed information about he next in line release – David Bowie WISH UPON A STAR – can be found by clicking here.

Bowie Wish Upon A Star 2


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