Some Death/Wizardo releases containing more recent recordings getting reissued. Based on # 23, the date was 1978 or 79 for this batch of K&S titles.


Supertramp Live K&S 2Supertramp Live K&S

150 pressed on blue PVC.

Topic of an earlier post found under this link




Tangerine Dream Fo sleTangerine Dream K&S LP

Only 100 pressed on mcv.

As reviewed here



Sex Pistols Rot n Roll cvSex Pistols Rot n Roll insert

150 pressed? Hot Wacks does not say.

More information to be found in this post.




Peter Frampton In London

And then we come to this LP, only mentioned in the HW appendix. Was there an original release on death records that was missed in HW? Or was this just handed over to K&S as a planned but never finished death records release? # 521 was still available and I have added it to my original death records listing found here.

I am not sure what is actually on this album as there only seems to be one broadcast performance, “Show Me The Way”, live from the Pavilion in Hemel Hempstead, 26 October 1976 (see the link). In addition, there was a BBC recording from 1975, which had been previously booted on TKRWM 1810 gemini

If anyone knows more, please leave a comment.




Lofgren N In London 2Lofgren N In London 1

Side 1:  Cry Tough / Keith Don’t You Go / It’s Not A Crime                                                                        Side 2:  Why Don’t You Share A Little /  Won’t You Listen To My Heart / Back It Up                           

HW quality rating: Exm

Live on Old Grey Whistle Test BBC TV – May 25, 1976

100 copies on orange vinyl




I am not 100% sure – again another “HW appendix only” title but based on the cover design, it might be this one:

Who Collector's Item v. 3

The Dayton, Ohio ’71 Who bootlegs post can be found here.




Rolling Stones StoneagedRolling Stones Stoneaged detailRolling Stones Stoneaged disc 1Rolling Stones Stoneaged disc 2

150 copies from TMOQ plates for # 71078:

Rolling Stones Stoneaged red


More about this 1969 recording found here




Santana Hot & AliveSantana Hot & Alive 2

Limited to 100 copies, reissue of TMOQ # 71073

<Needless to say, the owner of this blog does not agree with the inappropriateness of the cover image. The whole blog is for documentary purposes anyway.>




Copy shown here sold for $543 in November of 2013.

Led Zep BBParty 029

Hot Wacks states: “200 on blue & black and orange & black discs”.

Copying the cover off of TAKRL 2960 THE 1975 WORLD TOUR , reissue of TMOQ 72007:

Led Zep BBParty gree



Young N 030

This time the cover was nicked from this Phonygraf/Wizardo release:

Young Neil wCH 2

A reissue of TMOQ 71063:

Young N Boulder Co 3

The same material as on this Contraband release (click link)

  1. Mick said:


    What a stunning bunch of colored vinyl! I wish I had a box full of these.

    I’ve noticed a lot of legit records now come on a multitude of colored viny/split colors etc..Seems the bootlegers got there first with the variations.



  2. Yesdays said:

    I believe colored vinyl records by legitimate manufacturers appeared as far back as the early 20th century….. When it launched its 7-inch 45RPM in 1949, RCA Victor had different colored vinyl based on the music genre …i.e. Classical on red, R&B on orange, Country on green, etc.

    • I have found no earlier confirmed appearance than the RCA 45s. In the case of TMOQ releases, the difference in auction results between black and colored vinyl versions can be up to seven times as much (more for the wilder “splatter” results). Dub & Ken should have sold these for more perhaps 😉

  3. Yesdays said:

    “Unusual colors, and even multi-colored shellac first appeared in the 1910s on such labels as Vocalion Records….” (see the Wikipedia entry for “Unusual types of gramophone records” and section on “Unusual Appearance”. Although I tend to agree with your comment since, technically, these were Shellac resin discs and not polyvinyl chloride (PVC). I haven’t found confirmation of anything prior to about 1945 and RCA pressings on colored PVC. However that does pre-date the vinyl bootleggers of the late 1960’s and 1970’s by about 25 years or more.
    And of course, there’s the arguments and contentions that colored vinyl records don’t sound as good as black vinyl, primarily over time (a durability issue), as the higher carbon black content of black vinyl pressings gives them longer lasting durability and preservation of sound.

  4. John said:

    interesting notes Yesdays….thanks…

  5. Erik T said:

    Fantasy Records released some jazz on coloured vinyl in the sixties, maybe earlier, I had wondered if the plant they used was one also used by Ken and co? World Pacific released some jazz on coloured vinyl from way back, maybe late fifties, I have a Les McCann album on dark blue vinyl, so dark one might not have noticed it was coloured vinyl. I like the spattered wax pics as well, always digging this blog…

  6. Keith said:

    What is the #029 Bonzo’s Birthday Party worth today the cover pic is missing,and a sleeve.

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