Pink Floyd Eclipsed XLPink Floyd Eclipsed 2Pink Floyd Eclipsed disc 2Pink Floyd Eclipsed disc 1

Matrix: 404 A – D

My friend and main go-to person for bootleg research pointed out that this number looked like the 4xx series the 70s GLC label was using (GLC 411: Rolling Stones – All Meat Music ?; GLC 412: Neil Young – Young & Old; GLC 413: Elton John – B-B-B-Benny – Live in London; GLC 415: Crosby Stills Nash and Young “we waited 3 years for this”).

Sides A+B live at the London Rainbow on 20 February 1972 and sides C+D BBC Paris Theater 30 September 1971 states that the above was the first issue of this double LP with just 200 copies made on orange and light blue PVC, however not everyone agrees, see the list below.

A Vicki Vinyl/Ken co-production? The sub title hints that this might be a new pressing of TAKRL’s 1903 IN CELEBRATION OF THE COMET master, which was a copy of the German bootleg Best Of Tour 72

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 combi

It should be noted that reissues of the TAKRL release and ECLIPSED both exist with Dessie Records and Verzyl paper labels. Two of the three tracks on the second disc had previously been available on yet another early TAKRL release: # 1913: NOCTURNAL SUBMISSION : ROBOT LOVE but Hot Wacks claims this was a copy of Contraband’s Floyds Of London

Pink Floyd Floyds of London v1 3

floydboots states that this does exist with a deluxe cover in a rare variation. If anyone has a good image of this, do leave a comment. The matrix number changed later to ECL 1-4:

Pink Floyd Eclipsed gre blu

I found the following list during my research but it clearly has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Unless you were there or one of the associates kept notes and they are available, it is very hard to say. which insert color was the genuine first issue.

1) 404 A-D. First pressing, big yellow insert cover, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

2) 404 A-D. First pressing, green (record 1) & blue (record 2) vinyl, 100 made, big red insert cover with stamp imprint, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

3) 404 A-D. First pressing, blue (record 1) and orange (record 2) vinyl, 200 made, big red insert cover with stamp imprint, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

4) 404 A-D. First pressing, big white/brown insert cover, record 1 with white label, record 2 with green label.

Pink Floyd Eclipsed whi

5) ECL 1-4. Second pressing, little yellow insert cover, white label.

6) ECL 1-4. Multicoloured vinyl, 50 made, little yellow insert cover with sticker, black/white cartoon labels. This also exists on black PVC.

Pink Floyd EclipsedPink Floyd Eclipsed blPink Floyd Eclipsed dark

7) RUTHLESS RHYMES GLC 404 A-D. Third pressing, green/blue vinyl, 100 numbered edition, big brown insert cover, silver/red “GLC” labels.

8) RUTHLESS RHYMES GLC 404 A-D. “Raring Record” labels.

9) LXXXIV Series #54, reissue of the “Ruthless Rhymes” edition, green/blue vinyl, 100 numbered edition copies.


Missing from the above list are pressings made with Slipped Disc, yellow RECORD 1/2 and Dessie Records labels – “RE-ISSUED AGAIN ON THE ‘DESSIE RECORDS’ LABEL USING NEW PLATES (MATRIX NUMBER – DESSIE A/D GR L-29708).”:

Pink Floyd Eclipsed SD

Pink Floyd Eclipsed yel lblPink Floyd Eclipsed Dessie


Auction results for this title vary quite a bit, with the colored Ruthless Rhymes and LXXXIV versions selling for as much as $500 and the MCV/Verzyl versions even close to $1200 but all other versions hovering around the $50+ mark.

This release has been copied in Europe several times with deluxe covers (copying the tree lady art work on the back) and box sets referred to by a color.


Jimi Hendrix ‘BROADCASTS – Maui

Hendrix Broadcasts Maui red blu

Reissue of this classic TMoQ combo 7502 and about the third incarnation and also the third on colored wax. Also exists in red & green and with blank labels.


ditto ‘LIVE AT THE L.A. FORUM 4-26-70‘ “SCUSE ME…” version

Hendrix Live LA Forum blu gree

Back in the day, many bootleggers issued this title, Rubber Dubber, Munia, TMoQ, … it was even available as a series of four 7″ records. The insert originally showed an image of Jimi’s head but a dark spot appeared on the Hen and TMOQ versions and more rounds of copying the copy transformed it into something looking like an expressionist art piece.


Hendrix Live LA Forum clear insertHendrix Live LA Forum mcvThe splatter/mcv discs are usually found with Mushroom label designated packages but not in this case.

Hendrix LatLAFo mcv 2


Jethro Tull ‘MESS

Jethro Tull Flute Cake mcvJethro Tull MessTwo different reissues of this early TMoQ title recorded by Dub Taylor shortly after Led Zeppelin’s Blueberry Hill performance.



Rolling Stones Honolulu RR lblRolling Stones Honolulu cvRolling Stones Honolulu cv 2

A reissue of Pig’s Eye # 09



Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RRRolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR 1Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR 2

Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR CECV

Originally out as TMoQ 72011



Originally on Wizardo Records – WRMB 365

Zappa MMHHW yellowZappa MMHHW yellow 2


And two example of stamps with different fonts (the second example may not even be a stamp and may have been produced significantly later):


Zappa 200 Motels stamp


I’m probably missing a few. If you know of any others, do leave a comment.

  1. Yesdays said:

    Thanks for the post. The “tree lady art work”…..I’ve seen it so many times over the years, and wondered about its origin, and who originally produced it.
    Additionally, the “Verzyl” label re-issues with the distinctive, yellow sticker advertising the colored vinyl. I’ve only seen some copies of these on rare occasions over the years. I wonder who produced these…..(seems like another entirely dedicated blog section, …for the “Verzyl” label issues)

  2. John said:

    for me it is with the Verzyl labels the same as with the new storm of new bootleg releases on vinyl.=.(.every month i get a massive list with vinyl boots from almost every artist…also the ones you might it necessary to boot?!
    And i still think the new floot of those vinyls is even more as in our youth.)..=..not of any kind of interest. !! although there are in mine opinion great releases…and most in limited runs of a few and in coloured waxes….and i could spent every month 1000\s of euro’s…that new bootleg generation productions is not of mine interest……

    • Personally, I don’t think that the Verzyl/MCV reissues belong in the same category as at least the originals they were based on were quite good to begin with and 30 years ago the selling point was not driven home so much via limited edition stickers. But I agree that the current ones do not interest me that much either.

  3. John said:

    due to the cd busts….the new vinyl boot generation rises in the last couple of years.

    i worked at the beginnig of the cd boot age for big bootleggers and dealers and the stemra/gema didn’t have any interest anymore in the vinyl product releases. To seize the silvers was they’re main hunt/job.
    And when the cd market calopsed because of the birth of the cdr’s..( and i personally think the home recordables were the death penalty for the silver producers). Beyond of that the internet trading dens fasted that game.
    Slowly the vinyl boot market rises…and hit the top right now.
    Btw….It is very easy to press your own vinyl product!!

    • The question is, why would you press your own vinyl product these days? Back then, it was the only way to produce a tangible re-playable artifact (unless you had your own tape recording) but these days there are so many more ways to share live recordings. … Also, I don’t want digital sources used to master and produce records (also not in the realm of official product).

  4. John said:

    and when the cd market calopsed because of the birth of the cdr’s……( and i………that game ..)…..slowly the vinyl boot market…

  5. John said:

    > that’s the point…..after posting messages and you discover little mistake(s)…you can’t renew or change the message

    • The blog master can edit (and delete posts :), just send me a message and I will do it for you.

  6. Bill said:

    Just a fun fact — the first copy of Eclipsed shown above is mine (handwriting on the bottom). Funny thing is, I didn’t submit the pic! LOL! Must have been the previous owner, the fellow guilty of the handwriting! Pink Floyd Bill

    • That is funny! I found the images online, nobody sent them to me. …. I just heard about someone who bought a Deep Purple bootleg, made some notes on the back and later sold it, only to want to own the title again, almost 20 years later. He ended up buying it from someone in another country … and got his old album back as his handwriting was still on there!

  7. Bill said:

    I too think that the order of release of Eclipsed present in the list is a bit fanciful. It also omits an edition in my collection — yellow insert, black vinyl and no labels at all.
    As to Verzyl issues, I always assumed that these were a Ken product, based on the Floyd titles on which the label appears. Just a hunch, admittedly.

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