PATTI SMITH: Somewhat Rare UK Bootleg Not In Hot Wacks: “The white bitch comes good”

Smith P TWBCG 2Smith P TWBCG b

Smith P TWBCG lbl

Matrix:  UK -3 (ABCD)

Found with these red blank labels. Sold for around 8 GBP in the UK in 1979. Patti Smith and band played at the Rainbow in London on 1, 2, 4 April 1978 and this was likely recorded at one of those shows.

Side 1:  Privilege / Rock’N Roll Nigger  / Kimberly / Space Monkey
Side 2:  We Three / 25th Floor / It’s So Hard / Ghost Dance
Side 3:  Ain’t It Strange / Time Is On My Side / Because The Night / Pumping (My Heart)
Side 4:  Easter / Gloria / Be My Baby / My Generation

Alternate track list: 

Privilege (Set Me Free) / Babelogue/Rock n’ Roll Nigger / Kimberly / Space Monkey
Till Victory / We Three / 25th Floor / Running and Hiding / Ghost Dance
Ain’t It Strange / Time In On My Side / Because the Night, / Pumping (My Heart)
Easter / Gloria / Part I: In Excelsis Deo / Part II: Gloria / Be My Baby / My Generation

Comment “This very rare double bootleg is not listed in Hot Wacks XV. It is of a 1978 performance in London. Deluxe red cover. Sound quality is very good, performance is fair to good. ”  

  1. Andrew Molloy said:

    Great post, as usual! I finally found a copy of White Bitch Comes Good a year or so ago, as well as the Brian Jones/Stockinged Feet/Jesus Christ 7″, which also didn’t show up in Hot Wacks (though it’s quite likely it was released more recently, I guess).

    • There were quite a number of bootlegs that never made it into HW. I love discovering these.

      • Andrew Molloy said:

        Indeed, and of course some that WERE in there that didn’t exist.

    • Yes, some that nobody has found to this day – two by Alice Cooper, I seem to remember.

  2. Yesdays said:

    John: The Rolling Stones “The Dartford Renegades” EP is another example. According to Hoffman in the “Rolling Stones Bootleg Bible” (1984), it was a Roy Carr idea, but never made. Thanks

    • Andrew Molloy said:

      Yep, the two Alice titles I’ve been looking for for…decades but have come to the conclusion they may not exist: F@#k the Fashion and Live In Toronto 2-lp(supposedly a fake Wizardo release). If someone can prove they exist please let me know! John, that Stones EP sprang to mind as well, along with another Stones EP , Exile on Seven Sisters Road-doesn’t exist. Another release that I recall that isn’t in Hot Wacks is an Elton John 7″, w/ white labels, w/ Snookeroo on one side and Honey Man (w/ Cat Stevens, apparently) on the other side.

  3. John said:

    thanks friends…..
    because of this posts took my collection of Hotwaxes, the books…the quarterly’s and other mags….the oldest Hotwacks in my collection is dated november 1976….the writers notes were signed by ‘cobra’…..- the logo found on several rodan releases. Nice and interesting story’s, and whereabouts about busts and other bootlegworld news in those old books. Sometime ago a cousin from an onkel, who was involved in the dutch bootleg producing world, and died last year….his wife….the guy’s aunt..found some of his illegal history. F.e unused covers for Dutch Dyland boots, bills and order forms for dealers and very old papers from the underground bootleg world. I did bought some of those relics…one of the very first ‘ the big white record book…> het grote witte platenboek <, , a book with lost of the very first boots, with cover art and so on. In that parcel i found 2 original drawnings for 2 boots and a postcard with the quantity of titles one producer had sold to a dealer. i will try to send to the webmaster some pics, maybe he finds it interesting to post.

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