Rolling Stones SatisfGuar 78Rolling Stones SatisfGuar b

“Love In Vain” and “Tumbling Dice” are actually in reverse order on side 3.

Label variation 1

Rolling Stones SatisfGuar alt lbl

Rolling Stones SatisfGuar ECCAnd # 2 from a later reissue.

MATRIX: IMP 1023-A Re-1 / IMP 1123-B /C /D

IMP # 1123 would slot right in between Kiss – Destroys Anaheim Part 2 and Neil Young – Old Man’s Fancy in the Idle Mind discography.

“…first released as a classic 2 LP in 1978. The venues sampled on the original LP were: St. Louis July 11, 1978, Buffalo, N.Y., July 4, 1978, Greensboro, N.C., June 26, 1978, Oakland, CA, July 26, 1978, and Chicago IL., July 8, 1978. A really nice “best of” effort. The printed color LP jacket was exceptional at the time. The white and yellow record labels were “Ruthless Rhymes, Ltd.”. The most fantastic version of Beast of Burden was recorded on this LP, and it was from St. Louis […]. Note: The original vinyl release in each case is BETTER Quality than these audience source tapes! ” []

  1. John said:

    afcourse is the original vinyl version better than adience recordings….or do i understand it wrong??

    • One would always expect the source tape to sound better than the pressed to vinyl result, no?.

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