Beatles re-issues on Ruthless Rhymes

Beatles Get Back

Matrix: BGB-111 (a 1980’s reissue with POD labels is listed as having BGB 111 A/B – R1/2); ca. 1978. The matrix number traces back to the TMoQ ‘smoking pig’ reissue # 1801 of GET BACK SESSIONS (seen below), which has the following matrix markings: 

scratched) BGB 111 (/scratched) R1 – 1801



Beatles Outakes 1+2 RuRhyb

Matrix number unknown at this time.


Beatles Paris Sports Palais

Matrix: PA-77-A/B same as the Contraband release matrix.



Beatles RenaisMinstr RRMatrix: RR-1001

The RR does not come from “Ruthless Rhymes”, but from Renaissance Records. This traces back to the 1970 release HOMOGENIZED BEATLES – the first beatles title Ken & Dub ever did (one side taken from the first ever Beatleg Kum Back and the other comprised of pirated 45s and one LP track).

Beatles RenaisMinstr 2 lbl


Beatles Shea AL stampBeatles Shea AL discBeatles Shea AL red

Also available on black PVC. Released around 1978.   Matrix: LLS 101 A/B

This master was re-used when the record was re-released in the early 80’s with a wrap around insert on smoking pig labels and as part of the limited LXXXIV series with large font GLC labels:

Side 1: LLA 101 A (scratched) * 1800 A (scratched) * TMQ-71012-A
Side 2: LLA 101 B (scratched) * 1800 B (scratched) * TMQ-71012-B

Beatles Shea AL RE


The existence of TMoQs THE COMPLETE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION with Ruthless Rhymes labels probably means that the copy I showed on the blog earlier with Dragonfly labels was not a case of ‘wrong disc in sleeve’.

Beatles TCCC RR

YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD supposedly exists on Ruthless Rhymes as well but I was not able to find any picture evidence for this.


Beatles TCC HLG 1Beatles TCC HLG 2

Matrix · 106 A / B handwritten

Finally, there is this. A 33 1/3 single with RR labels, apparently released without a sleeve, containing two of the Decca audition tracks: “Three Cool Cats” and “Hello Little Girl”.

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