Another Vinyl Bootleg Breaking The $1000 Mark – And It’s One You Will Probably Never Have Heard About: Led Zeppelin ‘SUPER-STARS!’ from Japan

Led Zeppelin Super-Stars! 3

If the release date is somewhat accurate, this would make it a candidate for one of the first Japanese bootleg records ever.

This auction is still active and ends on Wednesday, 22 January ’14. The current high bid stands at $1,105.00.

UPDATE: The auction ended at an even $1,500.00


Seller description:


“Here it is at last!
Ultra rare vintage Japanese pressing double live set from their first Japan tour, 24th September 1971 Tokyo Budokan show!
Without any doubt, this is THE rarest Led Zep live LP ever released. Pressed in Japan at end of  ’71 in micro quantities, most collector don’t know it even exist’s!!
Very few, heavy collector knows about this obscure double live set.

Original insert(printed on thin, thermal paper in ’71…) is still loose and great condition, very slight discoloration on back. Plain beige cover is also nice, Ex condition.
Both disc has some strange surface mark but plays nice with light surface noise.
Plain white, deep groove label on heavy vinyl.
Sound qualities are not great as late ’70s – early ’80s  live LPs, but this is real artifact from early ’70s rock history…
Low(yes, I think low…) starting price and this is once in a lifetime chance to own this gem….

songs are:
(cut in)Immigrant Song (1:57)
Heartbreaker (7:51)
Since I’ve Been Loving You (8:14)
Out On The Tiles / Black Dog (5:46)
What Is And What Should Never Be (4:30)
Dazed And Confused (24:27)
Celebration Day (6:27)
That’s The Way (8:16)
Going To California (7:43)
Tangerine (3:42)
Whole Lotta Love medley(27:14)

**** lists no less than 10 audience sources for the first night and six or more for the second night.

LZ Tokyo 71 flyerLZ Tokyo 71LZ Tokyo 71 II

  1. John said:

    amazing piece of vinyl….the LLX series from the land of the risin sun are highly collectable..not only for this zep one..

    • John said:

      also from the LLx label…..a pressing of 200, but only 20 supposed to be survived. released 1-1-72., recorded > october 2-3-1972 ,
      ‘live in tokyo’, matrixno’s > LLx 1233- 4-5-6. can be the owner for about 4000 usd.

      • John said:

        as you can see , the release date is wrong..must be 10 -10- 72

    • Do tell me more – which other titles exist and where is the detailed information from?

    • Are we talking about two different releases? This is definitely the 1971 set list, not from their 1972 visit.

  2. John said:

    confusion? 🙂 superstars> was recorded sept 24, 71, good mono audience sound but record runs a bit to fast.
    live in tokyo> recorded 2-3-72 llx 1233-4-5-6. recorded at nippon budokan oct 2 and oct 3 . mix up from both nights. Stairway to heaven is spliced with the 2 nights. btw pb..the very first zep boot….an extremely nice condition piece, can be yours for around 3000 usd.

    • OK, thanks. I don’t have an image in my collection for Live In Tokyo
      Question: Which was the first bootleg to be released in Japan?

  3. John said:

    when you’re going to Japan?..

  4. John said:

    the ‘live in tokyo’ set was also released…( homemade slick ??) as ‘again’. matrix machineprinted LLx 1233, 1234,1235,..1236. Personally i think the ‘superstars’ was the first of the two releases..depends of the year of recording.
    But there are very rare and expensive acetates released in the early 7ties…but not sure if they were released before ‘superstars’…but to be honest i don’t think so. Visit my fb page…i give you some very interesting tips for bootleg record shops.

  5. Carlo Waaland said:

    There is around 40 ,yes 40 Acetates of live Zep from Japan w/1/3 of them being RED in color-most from the early ’80’s & in horrid sound quality !!There is even one from the already piss poor mono Bath show from 6/28/70,you can just imagine how bad it sounds on acetate {or could you??} If you are looking for quality Zep acetates -look elsewhere as they don’t P. Floyd, at least someone out there cares about quality!

    • The reason they were never “mass-produced” was their lacking sound quality but in the 80’s when vinyl bootlegs and tape trading were the only game in town, there was definitely a market for these. I can’t blame someone with access to them filling the gap.I just hope word of mouth in regards to their quality spread fast. If you held on to them, they have appreciated in value very nicely too.

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