Bowie live at the L.A. Forum 1978: ‘slaughter in the air’ + ‘NO ZIGGY OR IGGY… JUST A GIGOLO’

Bowie SitAirBowie SitAir bDeluxe printed cover on Ruthless Rhymes

Back then this was the first release from his 1978 tour. The opening song “WARSZAWA” did not make the master for some reason but it is the only vinyl bootleg to include “Rock’n Roll Suicide”.


Bowie SitAir insert copy frCopy on Raring Records with inserts

Bowie SitAir insert copy bBowie SitAir Raring lbl


Bowie SitAir mcv 2bVery limited reissue as part of the “Verzyl label – Multi Coloured Vinyl” Reissue series from the 1980’s. If anyone can pinpoint the year for these and the other titles in the series, do leave a message. I believe that despite Bassman’s wording on his site, no other colored PVC versions exist.


Bowie SitAir RaringAnother reissue series of many classic titles, ca. 1983/4


Bowie NZoIJaG bluFirst release with a blue cover and…

Bowie NZoIJaGMonique d’Ozo labels! The label may be called “Omega” but it has TAKRL (and Ken) written all over it. The assigned number is 912, fitting in nicely with the TKRL 900 series released around this time (1979).The article used for the cover was taken from the September 1978 issue of Creem magazine, which featured Bowie on the cover, promoting his movie role in Just A Gigolo.

Although Hot Wacks calls this simply a copy of slaughter in the air it has been claimed that this has less hiss than the Ruthless Rhymes release and may be a generation closer to the master tape, which, I believe, has never surfaced.

Bowie NZoIJaG b&w2nd edition in black & white.

Creem Bowie Sept 78 fullCreem Bowie Sept 78 1


Bowie 78 LA ticket

    • Thank you. Good to see that you are enjoying the fruits of my labor.

  1. swampscottsoxfan said:

    I went to this particular Bowie Forum show (there were actually 3 L.A. Forum gigs on this tour) and own the original “Slaughter In The Air” boot (shown top-most in this post). You are correct – “Warzawa” is omitted and I’ve never known why. Taper must’ve been a latecomer!

    The “Monique D’Ozo – Je Taime” labels also appeared on other releases, like the Bowie “Resurrection On 84th Street” release (which, strangely, also had fake Sex Pistols’ “Spunk” labels on the 2nd disc)

  2. Andrew Molloy said:

    Yep, I have that issue of Creem, remember it well.

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