Just in – First Aquisition of the Year: EVENT OF DAVID BOWIE 2 LP

The Event of DB insert

Event of DBBowie Event of

This one did not make it into Hot Wacks (by edition # 12). Bassman’s Bowie bootleg page says only 225 copies of the black version exist (plus 25 advance copies on green vinyl, which are a little different in that they have a spoken intro to “Stay” plus a pressing error causing a skip – Bassman wrote “Star” first and then “Stay” but I believe he meant “Stay”).

Bowie bad segeberg poster

From a post on Mind Warp Pavillion in early 2012:

“It’s always stuck in my mind that Peter and Julia Smith, when running the Missing Link fanzine, stated that the 11th (Gothenburg), 12th (Gothenburg) and 18th June (Bad Segeberg) 1983 recordings represented the best recordings from 1983, in terms of performance, quality and atmosphere.

The show from the 18th was the best sound quality of the three, but on CD, it seemed a little too clean – most likely cleaned up a little too much, and the guitars sound slightly ‘squeaky’ because of this. I feel the LP is likely to get the balance right. …”

Bowie segeberg_1983

  1. Tim Bucknall said:

    great info, In light of your comments this one is now on my “wants list”. Of the 2 gothenburg shows, i prefer the sound quality of the 1st (shorter) show the 2nd is just a bit muddy in comparison and the taper seems to move around a lot amazing versions of “Stay”, “Golden Years” & “Rebel Rebel” pity about the cut in “Rebel Rebel” amazing guitar noise from Slick between WL/WH & Station to Station

    if anyone is sceptical about the 83 shows, the first Gotheburg show is the one to play them

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