Reissues on Dragonfly & the little boy that delivered to the R&R stars

1. Bob Dylan – Hold the Fort for What It’s Worth

Dylan HTFFWIW Dragonf 2

Dylan HTFFWIW Dragonf

First released by Hoffman Avenue Records #168 in 1976

Mediocre audience recording from Fort Worth,TX, 16 May , 1976 plus one track from New Haven, CT 13 November 1975 and two from Hartford, CT 24 November, 1975.  This show appeared later from a soundboard source and is now seen as the essential Rolling Thunder Tour recording.

This was the fourth issue of this release after: 1. black & white mcv  2. black & clear splatter.  3. red & orange mcv


2. A number of Hendrix titles

Besides the Mushroom title Good Vibes also appearing with Dragonfly labels, there was:

a. SKY HIGH! aka ‘Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead’ aka ‘Jam’

Hendrix Sky High

1968 Scene club, NY jam, featuring Jim Morrison and others, taken from personal tapes stolen after his death. “Although it presents a unique setting, critics and biographers have generally found fault with the sound quality and Morrison’s performance.” states wikipedia.

“Uncertainty has for a long time surrounded both the exact date for the Scene Club recordings and the personnel featured on them. Most sources lean towards 07.03.68 as the most likely date, and personnel is believed to be Jimi Hendrix (guitar / vocals), Jim Morrison (vocals) and Lester Chambers (harp) plus two unknown guitarists, unknown bass and unknown drums. Some of these may or may not have been members of The McCoys or The Young Rascals, but neither Johnny Winter nor Rick Derringer were among them.”

Earlier releases include (the year is unconfirmed):

Sky High ! (Sky Dog SGSH 2017378 / 1972 / 1LP) [Black & White “Pirate Skull” wraparound cover]
Sky High ! (Sky Dog SGSH 2017378 / 1972 / 1LP) [Black & White “Pirate Skull” cover]
Sky High ! (Kustom Rekords SPJH 1[matrix: SPJH+1 (the letters ‘SP’ have been hand etched and the ‘JH+1+A/B’ have been stamped)] / 1972 / 1LP)
Sky High ! ([White label] [matrix: SPJH+1] / 1972 / 1LP)

Supposedly also exists as TMoQ 73031 but I have found no evidence for this beyond the quoted Hot Wacks entry.

From an eBay ad: “i have compared this album with the ‘woke up this morning and found myself dead’ album and have found the ‘sky high’ album to be far better sound quality much louder and clearer, with no editing, there are also things on this album that won`t be heard on the ‘woke up this morning’ album. there is one song on the woke up this morning’ album where it fades out, but on ‘sky high’ there are a few more seconds with the guitar volume being turned up and down giving it a delay affect on finishing. another track on the ‘woke up this morning’ album has a fade in and the ‘sky high’ album breaks straight into it and plays for a few seconds longer.”

Matrix A/1: SP JH + 1 + A
Matrix B/2: SP JH + 1 + B  

Also available as Jam:

Seller description:

A1 Red House  (Unlike other versions of Red House Hendrix used a guitar figure  similar to Cream’s Crossroads”.
B1 People People, People
B2 Tomorrow Never Knows
B3 Sunshine Of Your Love

Run Out Groove Side 1: HH Jam Side 1
Run Out Groove Side 2: HH Jam – 2

“Based on the matrix it appears that this album is from by independent,  Herbie Howard out of Los Angeles. It is in the TMOQ style with the album cover is a flimsy gatefold typical of the bootleg and is in good condition having been stored in a plastic sleeve for the last  40 years. The track listing, recording info & pictures consists of nothing more than a photocopy and is an insert that has been taped to the front of the album cover.

Hendrix Jam RE

The LP descried above, obviously a re-issue, below is the original with b&w cover (I have also seen it with a color cover but am not sure if that is an original):

Hendrix Jam

For more information:



Hendrix Smashing Amps 2

Hendrix Smashing Amps

Originally, the third ever Hendrix release on the classic TMoQ label as # 1813/ 71028:

Hendrix SAmps gree

This copy, listed as being in “superb condition (barely played)” sold for $260 in November of 2013. It should be noted that an orange copy listed as “VG” only made it to $35 two months prior, so condition is of vital importance.

Hendrix S Amps red

I do wonder who made this rare variation?

Source is the soundtrack of the concert movie Experience filmed at The Royal Albert Hall in London at the first – and “appalling” (according to Mitch Mitchell) – show (the second one was one week later but of course, that one was not filmed).

A great analysis of what is available from these shows is here:  [Beware: pop-ups]

Hendrix RAH 69 stub

Hendrix RAH 69

Hendrix RAH CW

Young Charlie Weber stage invading at the show. Charlie has earned a place in Rolling Stones history as he and his brother Jake were used to carry “special presents taped to their bodies” for Mick’s 1971 wedding the South of France.

Charlie’s comment on the photo: “This is incredible. Of course I remember it but it was only because we’d met Jimi backstage and he’d picked me up, cool as could be and carried me around on his shoulders, so he was like a friend to a little boy, me. I don’t remember if I said anything. I think he was a little surprised at coming on the stage and he just said ‘Cool, groovy Charley’.

Charlie W Keith

Charlie (right) hanging out with Keith in the early 70s.


3. ZAPPA & BEEFHEART – Metal Man Has Hornet’s Wings

Zappa metal man

Originally released as CONFIDENTIAL on Wizardo Records 385 and previously discussed on this blog “en detail”.


4. Miscellaneous

I am sure there were more that I am currently overlooking – if you know of any, do leave a comment. There are probably also some false reports, like this TMoQ reissue Beatles LP, which was listed as having Dragonfly labels but I suspect it was a case of wrong disc in sleeve:

Beatles CCC

  1. Terry said:

    A friend has Perks and Tit by Deep Purple with Dragonfly labels.

  2. Barth said:

    Regarding the Jimi Hendrix LPs _Sky High_ aka _Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead_ aka _Jam_, you wrote, “Supposedly also exists as TMoQ 73031 but I have found no evidence for this beyond the quoted Hot Wacks entry.”

    I recently saw these two items on eBay, both of which have Smoking Pig labels and paper inserts reproducing the cover art from the original Swedish Sky Dog LP:

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