More from Perfect Quality: The Rolling Stones ‘All you can eat’ + ‘MADISON SQUARE GARDENS’

Rolling Stones AMMusic

Listed as PQ4-11

Same content as TMoQ’s Winter Tour 1973 and Berkley’s Nicaraguan Benefit Concert


Rolling Stones MSG 1

Note the slightly different inserts. Without “1972” but with “Stereo” above and the other way around, below:

Rolling Stones MSG 2

“Perfect Quality” mentioned above the marijuana leaf logo.

Rolling Stones MSG 3

The content is probably identical with Madison and Mick’s Birthday Party.


These two releases were just pointed out to me – many thanks for that!

  1. Tommy said:

    very cool, never saw those before, love the price sticker, i remember when we were buying em at Record Paradise a single LP was $3.77 and a double was like 6.49 or something….shessh, what the heck happened?! 😉

    • BTW, that sealed copy with the price sticker sold for $65 a couple of years ago.

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