Another sealed ‘uber’ rarity – revisiting George Harrison ‘1974’ :babymoon



Last sealed copy on the planet, I’d say. Sealed in 1975 1976 – this is a second pressing – but looks surprisingly fresh.

Seller wrote: “Background on this album – we found two of these in a collection of about 18k records – most from the 60’s thru 80’s – of my wife’s uncle.  We live in the Vancouver area and believe both albums belonged to my wife’s Uncles. We know as brother’s (one 23 the other 17 – both hippies) with two friends they traveled to Seattle to watch George live.” So, both brothers found and bought the bootleg in 1975 after attending the concert and then kept them sealed among their ever growing collection.

I need to update the original listing for this. We know there were two versions, the 1 LP version, which only has some of the Seattle tracks and this one. The first 100 were numbered on the back, as shown here below:

Harrison 1974 detail

Harrison 1974 1 LP

The 1 LP version that sold for $1225 in September. I guess the seller already owned the double album. No back insert (did they have any?) and in VG+ shape around the edges.

It also seems that the “producers” were unsure what to call the album, as “Cry For A Shadow” appears prominently on the cover of the single LP version but only on the back insert of the second pressing.


Harrison bootleg collection

The 2 LP version as part of a Japanese Harrison bootleg vinyl collection.


I have a few questions here (with updates from March of 2015):

Were the single disc and the double LP released at the same time? – Answered: Apparently no. The numbered double LP came first (with no mention of “Cry For A Shadow”) followed by unnumbered version of a Seattle only single LP and a repressing of the double with that new sub-title.

Was there a run of 100 first pressings for the single LPs as well?- Answered: Apparently no.

And was there a second pressing for the single LP version as well? – Answered: There seems to have only been one pressing for the single LP, produced for the first West Coast Beatles Convention in July of 1976.

Hot Wacks wrote that the “second pressing of this double set was only 100 copies”, yet these do not seem to be numbered. Did they mix that up with the first pressing?

What are the total numbers in existence?

Were there only two pressings? – Answered: The answer seems to be ‘yes’.

  1. mick Wilson said:


    Interesting post…I am however, a bit sceptical regarding Boot LP’s that are now popping up on EBay stating original still sealed copy..

    Purchased a copy of the Neil Young boot “Young Man’s Fancy” 2LP which stated the above, but when I opened it, the LP’s had clearly been played…

    I’m sure there will be boxes of sealed original boots somewhere tho’.

    Keep up the great posts!



    • I agree in general but this copy came with plausible “provenance” from the buyer and a fake for this title has never been reported. I also hope that a used disc would in most cases be found in a sleeve showing similar signs of wear as most people won’t go to the trouble of finding a mint (empty) cover to go with their used disc.

      Will report back on state of discs once I have opened the seal.

  2. Doug said:

    I worked with Rick Edwards back in 1974 (Boeing) when he recorded this album, he and a couple of his friends traveled to Vancouver to record this while sitting near the front row, also taking photos, then he taped the Seattle appearance. I still have # 29 of the 1ST edition of 100. I wish I had not unsealed it, played 1 side once, still has cello on it. I always wondered if the 1st edition was more valuable than following editions. I thought I was doing him a favor paying him $4.00 for the records!!!

    • Thank you so much for that information. Is Rick still around? Would love to find answers to the questions.

      • Doug said:

        Just worked briefly with him 1974-1975, he was working his way through college. At that time he was approx 20 years old .He had an incredible memory, Believe it or not he was an avid “Three Stooges” fan. He could recite in order every title of the shorts they made (some where around 200). Was a close friend of Larry Fine. Used to visit him when he was in a Hollywood nursing home, he died shortly after (Larry). He wrote a prelude for a book about their lives for a friend. Also I remember he purchased a pristine copy of the first edition of the Superman comic book (not sure where he got the money) for $10,000 at the time. Today I think it would be worth over a million. I assume he graduated form college became very successful.

  3. ryujin said:

    The double L.P. ”George Harrison 1974″ was released on February 1,1975. Only 100 copies were pressed.

    The second pressing of this L.P. was subtitled “Cry For A Shadow” and released in July 1976, using the stampers for side 2 and 3 of the original double L.P. This single L.P. was produced for the first Seattle ‘West Coast Beatles Fan Convention’,
    and only 100 copies were pressed as well.

    Both items came from Tobe Milo guys.

    • Thank you for this information. It seems that another pressing run of the double LP version was also made at the time of the single LP in ’76 – unnumbered and subtitled “Cry For A Shadow” on the back, which I own as a sealed copy and show in the first two images.

      I wonder how many they pressed of the 2nd unnumbered 2 LP version but it can’t have been that many.

  4. ryujin said:

    You should ask Mitch McCgeary about that.

    • If I knew how to reach him…

      Since they offered a single disc and a repressing of the double at the convention, I very much doubt, they pressed more than 100 of the double (“A limited edition special first pressing of the George Harrison bootleg LP, “Cry for a Shadow” (LP# 2317438, look up the number) was custom made for the convention and quickly sold out. “) – “quickly” would also point to that fact, plus the fact that this wasn’t a Beatles title and other bootlegs from this tour had since appeared.

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