Speaking of this type of GLC label – in defense of Heylin’s dating of a rare Dylan/The Band 1974 tour bootleg

Dylan & Band wdrgiouO

The title given on bobsboots.com is We Didn’t Really Get It On.. (Dylan & The Band 1974)

Dylan & Band wdrgiouO 3

Dylan & Band wdrgiouO b

A (rare) release sporting the same kind of GLC label(s) is this one, missed by Hot Wacks as well. It apparently exists with Dragonfly labels as well:

2LP DYLAN, BOB DYLAN & THE BAND 1974 DRAGONFLY RECORDS 4-11-ABCD Oakland, CA 2/11/74 black [from a list offered on iorr.org in 2010]

bobsboots.com believes that this album was made in 1974: “A very rare and misunderstood LP from 1974 from the folks that would become TMOQ-2. The confusion lies both with the relative unavailability of the LP, and with misinformation of earlier chronologies. The earlier guides, Cable and Hot Wacks, failed to list it altogether. As it doesn’t have an actual title, it has been referred to by several. “1974” and “Oakland” among them. Great White Answers gives it the title “We Didn’t Really Get It On Until Oackland” from a misspelling of a quote on the back insert. It also states that the cover is full printed. Most likely it never was. GWA also reports a blank label. While there might have been one or two blank, the labels were actually full printed with a “Great Live Concerts” label. More confusion set in with the publication of Raging Glory. It titles the set “Dylan & The Band 1974”. While it correctly lists the package features of two inserts and blue and yellow labels, it states that the set is a 1985 reissue of the original 1974 release. There was no reissue. “

While Heylin has placed it in in 1977 and seen in context with the other Vicki Vinyl releases – especially The Stones’ rock out – cock out * – and* the fact that this was also quoted to exist with Dragonfly labels leads me to believe that Heylin got it right and bobsboots is wrong here.

“The fact is, there were only a few copies manufactured in 1974 (Heylin suggests a 1977 date, although that would negate the theory of the piece being produced during the TMOQ changeover). They have inserts and full printed labels. GWA reported “Rolling Stones” LPs issued in the covers as well, but this is doubtful [Definitely with those labels, not sure how the “covers” comment is meant]. […] ”

8 stars      NMP250

Matrix: # 411 A/B/C/D

Quality: More than decent, apparently.


Source: Complete evening show at The Forum, Inglewood, CA, 11 February, 1974 states bobsboots.com but they played in Oakland that day. Evening show is correct though. The show was recorded and is up on wolfgangsvault:


Wolfgang’s Vault posted the entire show on their site and it remains one of the nicest surprises in their Bob Dylan collection.
The setlist is virtually identical to New York two weeks before.  But the performance is much tighter.

Side 1: Most Likely You Go Your Way / Lay Lady Lay / Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues / Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35 / It Ain’t Me, Babe / Ballad of a Thin Man / Stage Fright+                               Side two: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down+ / King Harvest+ / When You Awake +/ Up On Cripple Creek+ / All Along The Watchtower / Ballad of Hollis Brown / Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Side three: The Times / Just Like a Woman / Gates of Eden / Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright / It’s Alright Ma (I’m only bleeding) / Rag Mama Rag+ / This wheel’s on fire+                                             Side four: The Weight+ / Forever Young / Highway 61 / Like A Rolling Stone / Maggie’s Farm / Blowin’ In The Wind

+ = performed by The Band


Dylan Band LA Forum 74

The Forum, three days after the recording discussed here.

  1. Thanks, i always thought Clinton Heylin did good 🙂

    • I would agree there … waiting for someone to disprove me and say that both the Stones & the Dylan are from ’74 after all 🙂

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