Kiss Takes Tokyo 77

Kiss Takes Tokyo 77 3

Side 4 is actually not from the Budokan in Tokyo, 2 April 1977, like the first three sides but from the L.A. Forum on 27 August 1977 (according to

This album can only be found with three type of labels: Dragonfly – I would say these are the original versions; Ruthless Rhymes came next and finally the green & red GLC labels.


A copy of this Japanese bootleg on the Cartoon label (with some changes applied):

Kiss Mama We're All Crazy NowKiss Mama We're All Crazy Now b


Images & articles can be found here:

I am interested in the question when this TV special was first broadcast. So far, I have found the following:

“The broadcast was filmed by the Japanese NHK Company and the soundtrack was recorded by Eddie Kramer for a never released “Alive” album for the Japanese market. Later these recordings were used for the “Alive 2” album where they were mixed with the recordings of the August 1977 L.A. Forum shows. They shot it for Kiss who produced a film of it on Casablanca Records and Filmworks titled “Kiss live in Japan”. The NHK Company released it to its television audience in Japan in late 197 as “The Young Music Show”. Unfortunately the print they used was not of the quality of the original print. The original print, after Casablanca used it for “Kiss live in Japan”, was sold to HBO in the summer of 1979 for a US broadcast.”

I then hit pay dirt in a (translation) of a Japanese blog:

“Finally KISS has come to Japan, want to see them” The young Wildman didn’t know how to buy the ticket for Rock Concert And even didn’t have way to pay for more than 3,000 yen. So unbelievable But Wildman didn’t go to the very first Tour of KISS. But there was something more to ease These Boys and Girls who Could not go. Good that the NHK broadcast HAS Planned to air on the Live of KISS.
Many People Their Life had changed by the Legend TV program called “The Young Music Show” was broadcast on May 7th 1977 at 15:50 on national television. Broadcast to the home of Wildman which changed the Life of Young Wildman. “

01. Introduction
02. Detroit Rock City
03. Let Me Go, Rock and Roll
04. Firehouse
05. Makin’ Love
06. Cold Gin
07. Ace Frehley solo
08. Nothin to Lose
09. Gene Simmons solo
10. God of Thunder
11. Peter Criss solo
12. God of Thunder (cont)
13. Rock and Roll All Nite
14. Encores
15. Black Diamond intro
16. Black Diamond

Edited out were “Take Me”, “Ladies Room”, “I Want You”, “Shout It Out Loud” and “Beth”.

Part 1:



Tour book and ticket for the evening show.


  1. Frank said:

    I happen to have this particular KISS bootleg myself. I bought it from an Ebay seller in Tokyo Japan for only $50.00. The copy that I have is the Ruthless Rhymes label, whose label has the National Lampoon photo of the dog with a gun pointed at him. It is a very good sounding bootleg album. I have been a huge KISS fan since hearing their Alive! album and they have been my favorite Heavy Metal band since then. Thanks for posting this and for sharing a little bit of trivia.

    • Either they were Vicki Vinyl’s favorite Heavy Metal band as well or she just had good business sense: Three more Kiss Dragonfly releases to be reviewed.

      • Frank said:

        Vicki Vinyl (a.k.a. Andrea Waters) was actually in the business to make money off of artists by bootlegging. She was a huge fan of The Rolling Stones. She released several Bruce Springsteen bootleg records and she really wasn’t a fan of his. She was only doing that to make money off of him. Springsteen would later slap her with a lawsuit and would win(Source: Bootleg: The Secret History of the Other Recording Industry by Clinton Heylin). Springsteen didn’t really care about it if the bootleggers who did this were fans of his, but when he later found that Ms.Waters/Ms.Vinyl was simply doing bootlegs of him just to make money, he sued her and won. With his successful win over her, she was forced to give up bootlegging and get an honest job. I don’t know her true feelings about KISS as there really isn’t much about her online and why she did KISS bootlegs. Regarding the lawsuit, Springsteen was awarded a huge sum of money, but all he got was all the master tapes that Ms.Waters/Ms.Vinyl had of his as she had no cash to give him as she sold all of her assets, such as her house, her car and everything she owned and said she had nothing in terms of money to give him as she claimed to have no US bank accounts with any money in them.

        That is all that I know about her and i thought that I would share since she was brought up.

    • Hi Frank, I’m working my way up to that famous law suit after all the Dragonfly & Ruthless Rhymes releases have been visited.

      • John said:

        that would be fantastic……and it would be more stunning if you can trace Andrea…so she can tell her story..

  2. John, she is welcome to get in touch anytime and guaranteed unedited post space.

  3. Frank said:

    I would like to read what she has to say myself. I would like to know more about her. One of her labels was called Idle Mind Productions, which had an artists conception of Eve holding an apple in front of a tree. I have yet to find a bootleg album with that label. I do happen to have a couple of bootleg’s with the Slipped Disc Records label. The first is Piece De Resistance(Springsteen bootleg)and Aerosmith Rattlesnake Shake, which was a performance at Counterpart Studios in 1974. The address was supposedly 21 Boulevard Des Moulins Monaco. That particular label folded in 2008.

    • John said:

      wasn’t that a drawning of Andrea?..the logo you mentioned?….what do you mean with folded in 2008?, the adress must be fake!!

      • Frank said:


        I really don’t know if it is a drawing of Ms. Waters/Ms. Vinyl. It isn’t specific as to who it could be.

        Regarding the Slipped Disc Records bootleg label, here is the Discogs link to this particular label and I hope that it answers your question:

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