Heart Barracuda

Below: The later Slipped Disc edition

Heart Barracuda

Side 1: Either an edit or a partial broadcast of a King Biscuit Flour Hour broadcast:

Universal Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, CA)
July 17, 1977

    1 Kick It Out 02:55
    2 Sing Child 05:44
    3 Silver Wheels 01:43
    4 Dreamboat Annie 02:32
    5 Little Queen 05:33
    6 Magic Man 05:44
    7 Barracuda 04:30
    8 Crazy On You 05:23
    9 White Lightning and Wine 06:00
    10 Rock & Roll 04:50
    11 Without You 05:22

Side 2: Likely a  tape shared with or by Jon Wizardo, since the same venue and date is given as the Wizardo/Death Records release FROSTBACKS LIVE, L.A. FORUM

I am not sure about the date in this case. What is certain is that Heart opened for Jefferson Starship at the L.A. Forum on the 30th of September ’76. Sound quality for BARRACUDA is listed as “Exs” in Hot Wacks but the quality of the Death release suggests a significant drop.  Does “Crazy On You” really appear twice (and from the same show)?

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