FM Sin City 77

FM Sin City 77 b

Matrix: MAC 1-A/B/C/D – I have only ever seen this with Ruthless Rhymes labels.

It appears that the song “Monday Morning” is missing from the set list, so this is not the complete concert after all.

From a recent needle drop torrent share: “This is in my opinion one of the finest Fleetwood Mac shows ever put on tape. Not only are you getting the group in its prime while riding high on the “Rumours” tour, you are getting a heartfelt, genuine performance as well. The entire group is at peak, with Stevie Nicks as a standout. She has never sounded better. She catapults both “Dreams” and particularly “Rhiannon” into the stars. The girl is on fire, and it shows.  …this double boot LP along with the Jethro Tull title “A Sack Full Of Trousersnakes” sold out very quickly and was repressed several times. All copies of this show ran just fast enough to make the performance sound a little sick. I’ve corrected the speed to make the the album pitch properly. Even though this was just by a small amount, it makes a huge difference in the sound quality.”


Later re-issued as TAKRL 922 by squeezing most songs on two sides and dropping “World Turning” and all of side 4:

Fleetwood Mac PTCoAngels

Fleetwood Mac PTCoAngels b

Unlike the original, a bootleg you can barely give away these days.


Aladdin LV 1977 ad

FM Sept 3 77

FM live in Seattle on September 3rd that year. Photo by Bill Hansen.


Personal memory: We only had one store in my old hometown that carried boots, “Red Star”, a communist/socialist book store in the old part of town. They got the 2LP set in and put it up on the wall, must have been late 1978 or in ’79 and I was interested but couldn’t afford it. A class mate of mine went in and listened to it and didn’t like it because it sounded like it was recorded in a small club. I thought “who cares, does it sound good, that’s all that matters”. You just can’t please everybody. … Strange that I even still remember this.

  1. Doinker said:

    Hi, that was my review. Thanks for reprinting it.

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