Dragonfly: ‘yesshows’

Yes Yesshows

Yes Yesshows b 2

Source: Long Beach Arena, 26 September 1977

Complete set list:

Firebird Suite, Parallels, I’ve Seen All Good People, Close To The Edge, Wondrous Stories, Colors Of The Rainbow-Turn Of The Century, “Tour Song”, And You And I, Going For The One, Flight Jam-Awaken, E1: Starship Trooper, E2: Roundabout

From collectorsmusic.com: “An older source for Long Beach is also in existence and was used for the 80′s vinyl release Yesshows 1977 on Ruthless Rhymes which contained only “Parallels”, “Wondrous Stories”, “Colours Of The Rainbow”, “Turn Of The Century”, “Tour Song”, “Going For The One”, and “Roundabout”. That source was good to very good… .”

Legendary taper Mike Millard was in the audience as well but apparently this is an alternate source and not his excellent recording (Millard had also recorded the September 23 + 24 L.A. Forum shows). Plenty of hiss is present, pointing to a high generation tape:

  1. YesDays said:

    Thanks. I guess by the Fall of 1977 Vicki Vinyl and Mike Millard had parted ways.

  2. Terry said:

    I have this bootleg with Ruthless Rhymes labels.

  3. Yesdays said:

    My copy has blank, black labels.

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