You have really made it as a bootleg when you have your own wikipedia entry. Well, this one has.

“Led Zeppelin collectors all hold this show in high regard, whether it was simply the impromptu appearance of Keith Moon towards the last third of the concert, the superior versions of Sick Again and No Quarter, etc… or just the magnificent recording.”

Led Zep F BH Only Drfly

Led Zeppelin For Badgeholders O

Led Zep F BH Only GLC

Led Zep F BH Only pt 2

Led Zep F BH Only col lbls

Led Zep F BH Only RR


Led Zep F BH Only OMRS 1

The OMRS copies, degraded to mono and with crackles, as reported by Hot Wacks.

Led Zep F BH Only OMRS


Sides 1 & 2 – 49:11
Sides 3 & 4 – 43:13
Pt. 2: Sides 1&2: – 38:20
Pt.2: Sides 3&4 – 41:57

Original set list:

1.     “The Song Remains the Same”           7:11 (missing on this release)
2.     “Sick Again (with The Rover intro segment)”      6:05
3.     “Nobody’s Fault but Mine”           7:08
4.     “Over the Hills and Far Away”       7:13
5.     “Since I’ve Been Loving You”            9:36
6.     “No Quarter”            31:11 (split into two parts out and fades out on side 1 of PART 2 and in on side 2)
7.     “Ten Years Gone”            10:51
8.     “The Battle of Evermore”           7:15 (Fade out)
9.     “Going to California”           6:29
10.     “Black Country Woman”           2:25 (Fade out)
11.     “Bron-Yr-Aur (Stomp)”            7:06
12.     “White Summer”/”Black Mountain Side”           8:54
13.     “Kashmir”            9:45
14.     “Trampled Under Foot”            8:07
15.     “Out on the Tiles” / “Over the Top”/”Moby Dick (featuring Keith Moon)”     19:11
16.     “Jimmy Page Guitar Solo”           15:40
17.     “Achilles Last Stand”            9:51 (Fade out)
18.     “Stairway to Heaven”           12:00
19.     “Whole Lotta Love (featuring Keith Moon)”       2:30
20.     “Rock and Roll (featuring Keith Moon)”           4:17


Review by collectormusicreviews.com: “The concert is one of the most laid back, loose and exciting of the entire eleventh tour. There were many problems beginning with Jimmy breaking his guitar strap during “The Song Remains The Same”. He had to finish playing the song sitting on the drum riser and is the cause for the break before “Sick Again”. John Paul Jones misses a cue two minutes into “Kashmir” causing a breakdown in the song until they get it together again, and Page loses his guitar in “Trampled Underfoot”. But none of that detracts from the great performances contained in this set.

Many consider this version of “No Quarter” to be the greatest ever version of the piece. The arrangements of this song was unique to this tour where the improvisational middle was divided into the “boogie” first half and the “heavy” second half. A perfect expression of the “light and shade” ethos and the contrast in this version work perfectly. “Ten Years Gone” and the acoustic set are carried along by Plant’s running joke about the badge holders referring the band’s entourage and their groupies.

The show is also famous for Keith Moon crashing the stage during “Moby Dick” and playing along with John Bonham. This is the only time they ever played together onstage and is one of those spontaneous moments that make us thank God for bootlegs. Page includes both the “Star Spangled Banner” and “God Save The Queen” in his guitar solo leading into a ferocious version of “Achillies Last Stand”. “Stairway To Heaven” is also very good with an interesting guitar solo played over the grand piano.

Moon joins the band onstage again for the encores accompanied by Plant banging on the drums and brings to end a unique concert that is an essential part of any collection.”


Sources available for this recording:

Source 1: Taper unknown – Complete available source first used on the Dragonfly LPs “For Badge Holders Only (Parts 1 & 2)”
Source 2: Taped by M. Millard – Complete available source first used on Rockwrok’s “For Badgeholders Only (Parts 1, 2, & 3)” CD release [This starts with “Since I’ve Been Loving You”]
Source 3: Taped by B. Goldberg – Opening songs from this source first used on Tarantura’s “Good Night Moon Light”
Source 4: Taped by C. Gabe – Middle section from this source first used on Tarantura’s CD release “Good Night Moon Light”
Source 5: Taper unknown – Incomplete 75 minute source first circulated through fan-list tree
Source 6: Taper N/A – Soundboard fragment of Page’s Guitar Solo first circulated by Presence
Source 7: Taper unknown – Most recently circulated source* Could be a mislabeled copy of any of the above ones.


Led_Zeppelin_Keith_Moon 1977

Led Zeppelin keith_moon 1977

Keith Moon in one of his last public appearances, save for  two appearances. On the day, it must have been fun to watch but looking back from 2013, this is quite sad.

Keith Moon appears from 5:37 onwards.

  1. John said:

    wish i was a millionaire….or something near by ..as now on ebay from that rosac guy……a very rare mcv from Zep , on a colour ive never seen…prices rise up to the 500 border …, and a stunning Floyd disc also. Rosac must have the biggest collection of TMOQ’s ever.., a pity he put them on for sale.! I’ve asked him once if he was involved in the TMQ scene , as he also had first editions with lots of stamps and TMOQ’s stickers on fe one cover..and stamps that says ‘advance copy’s ‘and so on…! But he told me that he collect all that records for more than 30 years!! See his sale history!! that guy rocks!!.

    • John said:

      the Blueberry hill records are on deep pink and clear transparent brown vinyl on the Blimp label.
      He has also a Stones Wintertour on clear and white/black splash vinyl…..AMAZING!!

  2. Yes, I watch this amazing collection being broken up month after month… I just wish he would talk about what he knows (I pointed out the blog to him, so he could contribute if he wanted to). Unfortunately, the only LP I won from him got lost in the mail – actually all albums I bought via eBay since September have gotten lost in the mail .

  3. John said:

    youre kiddin’..lost in mail?….what did you bought from him?….do you let ship the parcels by registred mail?..id never ever got any parcel lost by mail., but i always let it ship by registred shipping.

    • It was a ZAP LP in his case. In both cases, records were shipped with tracking number as suggested by seller. In his case, not only did the LP never arrive, he also could not find the tracking # anymore. In the second case, which is still open, the LP tracked from British Columbia, Canada to Richmond, VA and then the trail goes cold.

  4. John said:

    sold for 688 usd.
    can’t you ask him on facebook?

    • He refunded my money, but I’d rather have the LP, of course, as I need it for a project.

      • John said:

        good to hear..

  5. Yesdays said:

    Great, comprehensive post on this release in its original and early vinyl formats. Excellent research. Thanks

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