Dragonfly: PINK FLOYD ‘CALIFORNIA STOCKYARD (ON THE ROAD)’ + A Short List Of The Earliest Pink Floyd Vinyl Bootlegs

Pink Floyd California Stockyard

Pink Floyd California Stockyard b

While Pink Floyd vinyl bootlegs sold well in the first half of the 70s, it is a little surprising that despite their increasingly successful US tours they did not “enjoy” the same short ‘time to market span’ that other acts like Neil Young, the Rolling Stones and Wings did. The TAKRL Crackers 3 LP document of their 1972 Hollywood Bowl show was released up to three and a half years later; Contraband’s Tampa – recorded on the 1973 tour – showed up in 1975. Meanwhile their 1975 resulted in no contemporary bootleg at all. In 1977, however, there was California Stockyard and there would not be a long wait between concert and release date.


From collectorsmusic.com: The May 6th show has two audience recordings. The first surfaced on vinyl in the seventies as the famous California Stockyard (On The Road) (PF400 – PINK I&II A/D & PF200). This was a two LP set with most of the show (“Sheep”, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5″ and the encore “Money” are missing) and was reissued many different times. [The second source was released on CD only many years later.] [Bootleg CD label] Sirene includes this audience source on disc five of this set and also on the bonus cdr with the cover from the old vinyl. This is copied from vinyl and contains obvious surface noise but is still very good and clear and the best sounding tape in this collection.

This is a great concert occurring right before the famous Oakland shows at the end of the first half of this tour. It is unfortunately plagued by one of the rowdiest audiences captured on tape. Fighting erupts during “Dogs” and the chaos continues throughout the entire show. Before the intermission Roger says, “Stop fighting. It’s hard to play when you’re all beating the shit out of each other.” Nothing really improves in the beginning of the second half with constant shouts and a sizable section of the audience going into a “down in front” chant during “Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5″.

“Welcome To The Machine” pacifies the audience somewhat (I guess the drugs were kicking in) and the band delivers a better show to the end. There is a bouncy and happy solo in “Have A Cigar” that sounds very strange but appealing. Gilmour’s and White’s jamming at the ten minute mark in “Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 6-9″ has been singled out for praise and it is good.  “Money” contains a very subdued guitar solo and ends with Roger Waters’ goodnight and good byes. There is no evidence they played the second encore “Us & Them”. A very good show despite the insanity going on in front of the band.”


1. First Pressing and so called Test Pressing

Pink Floyd California Stocky 1st


Pink Floyd California Stocky Test

Floating pig shown on the other label.

Both versions are very rare.


2. Most Commonly Found Wrap-Around Insert Versions

Pink Floyd Cali Stocky blu lbl

Pink Floyd Cali Stocky RR

Pink Floyd Cali Stocky wh lbl

Matrix #s: ‘PINK I&II A/D’


3. 1980’s “Multi-Colored Vinyl” Sticker Re-issues

New matrix markings: ‘PF 200’. However, these are missing “Pigs On A Wing (Part Two)” on side 3.

Pink Floyd Cali Stocky mcv 2

Pink Floyd Cali Stocky mcv



As far as I can tell the first vinyl bootleg containing any Floyd material was 1970’s Dutch release Kralingen , which presented edited performances of “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” and “Atom Heart Mother” on side six.

Pink Floyd Kralingen

“These three records cost 15 guilders altogether”

Pink Floyd Kralingen b

Pink Floyd Kralingen lbl

Another track from the same festival recording – “Interstellar Overdrive”- ended up on the single LP:


– Another Dutch bootleg was released in 1970 or 1971, containing the Hamburg Audimax concert from 12 March 1970

Matrix (XA44332/YB44332)

In 1971, the following bootlegs appeared (I am not sure of the chronological order):

-USA: Dittolino Discs Live double album recorded at Santa Monica Civic Center – 23 October 1970 (The first US bootleg, apparently mentioned in a 1971 Circus Magazine article)

Pink Floyd Live

– Germany: “Open Legs” double LP, mostly referred to as “M502”, recorded at the Musikhalle in Hamburg in February of 1971

Pink Floyd 1,2,3,4

(Re-born in late 1972 in the UK as Embrwo (pressed in the US) and finally as the first bootlegs Jon Wizardo ever made: Take Linda Surfing & Miracle Muffler

– UK: Pinky (DJ3003) containing the same songs/recording as the previously shown Dutch Big Pink LP.

Pink Floyd Pinky


– The Netherlands: Likely another 1971 release documenting their 3 April 1971 concert at the Ahoy:

Pink Floyd Live in Rotterdam 2

The same producers had a little “animal series cover design going” were obviously behind this Santana bootleg as well (not mentioned in Hot Wacks), which was later copied in Japan by the OG label. I wonder if there were any more (animals).

Santana Live Rotterdam orig. pink 2


In 1972, Dub issued his only Pink Floyd bootleg Omayad

Pink Floyd Omayad


The “lost” TMOQ double 2804 was released by Ken ca. 1973. It contains the same recording as the Dittolino LIVE double from 1971.


Pink Floyd 2804 gree


1973 saw the two German releases The Best Of Tour ’72 – Matrix: (16-421/422) “We Did It For You”:

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 combi

and Tour ’73 , containing BBC radio – 30 September 1971 – tracks:

Pink Floyd Tour 73 small


If you are aware of other 1971 Pink Floyd releases, please leave a comment.

  1. Roger said:

    It amazes me how many Boot PF vinyl releases are on Multi-Colored or Splattered vinyl.
    I wish more bootlegers pressing reissues would take a hint from them.

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