RSVP 002 + 003: ‘GRAVESTONES’ / ‘RAPE OF THE VAULTS’ / ‘Beautiful Delilah’ Dragonfly version / ‘BLACK BOX’

Rolling Stones R ot Vaults

Gravestones 002

RSVP – 002 – A/B ; first issue on clear PVC

Side 1:

1. Ain’t That Loving You Baby [02:01]   8 Oct. 1964 ‘Rhythm And Blues’  BBC radio
2. Mona [02:13]
3. Don’t Ya Lie To Me [01:47]   (2&3) 3 Feb. 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
4. If You Need Me [02:02]   17 July 1964  ‘The Joe Loss Pop Show’
5. Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’) [01:46]   20 Aug. 1965  “Yeh Yeh!” BBC TV appearance
6. It’s All Over Now [03:00]   (same source as track 4.)
7. Little Red Rooster [01:44]
8. The Last Time [03:19]  (7&8) 2 May 1965  ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ CBS TV Studio, New York City, TV appearance

Side 2:
09. It Should Be You [01:21]   20 Nov. 1963  Regent Sound Studios, London, Studio Session*
10. Play with Fire [02:11]   20 May 1965  SHINDIG, Los Angeles, TV appearance
11. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love [02:13]   2 May 1965  ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ CBS TV Studio, New York City, TV appearance
12. You Better Move On [02:26]
13. Bye Bye Johnny [01:54]   (12&13) 3 Feb. 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
14. Beautiful Delilah [02:26]   8 Mach 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
15. Craw-Dad [05:25]   18 April 1965  L’Olympia, Paris, France

Comments: * ‘It Should Be You’, version 1 (in fact this track was nowhere else to be found other then on the ‘Black Album’ itself – all other available versions are versions 2 with different harmonies and a more ‘moderate’ vocal [This would have to apply to Rape Of The Vaults too then]

The other thing is that the ‘Black Album’ has a lot of ‘unique’ edits; basically songs ‘cut short’.



Rape of the Vaults 003

First pressing on green PVC

Side 1:

1. All Down The Line [04:37]  17 Oct. 1969  Elektra Studios, Los Angeles  (ac. guitar version)
2. Melody [03:37]   21 Jan. 1975  RS Mobile Record Studio, Rotterdam, Holland
3. Cocksucker Blues [03:19]   9 May 1970  RS Mobile Recording Studio, Stargroves, Newbury
4. Brown Sugar [03:58]   18 Dec. 1970  Olympic Sound Studios, London (w. Eric Clapton)
5. Slave (Black&Blue Jam) [01:53]  (see track 2.)                                                                                          6. Too Many Cooks

Side 2:
07. Exile On Main St. Blues [01:30]   28 March 1972  Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles
08. Silver Train [03:36]   25 Nov. 1972  Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica (ac. guitar outtake)
09. Parachute Woman [02:25]
10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [04:19]   (9&10) 10 Dec. 1968 Intertel Studios, London, (Rehearsal for Rock’n Roll Circus)
11. Cherry Oh Baby [03:38]  7 Dec. 1974  Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
12. Ruby Tuesday [03:10]   8 Nov. 1966  Olympic Sound Studios, London (outtake)
14. Sure The one you need [04:53]   6 June 1975  Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO (poor)


Both albums were then combined as a double:

Rolling Stones RotV+ Gravest

Mostly found on black PVC with Dragonfly, Ruthless Rhymes or these labels:



Idle Mind also produced their own re-releases of the classic TMoQ title Beautiful Delilah:

1. on multi-colored vinyl:

Rolling Stones Beautiful Delilah mcv

This same speckled pressing was also used in one of the versions of Black Box (see below).

2. New personalized insert with monkey logo and on black PVC:

Rolling Stones Beautif Del el monkey

Rolling Stones Beautif Del el monkey lbl

If this was number 5 in a series, what were the other releases?


Finally, combined with TMoQ’s Beautiful Delilah (71021) and sold as the Black Box around 1978:

The “Black Box” title – the working title for the project that ended up being released as the Metamorphosis album, as recounted in the 1976 book “The Rolling Stones an illustrated record by Roy Carr”.

LP 1: 1835 A/B & RS-A/B These are the matrix numbers for TMoQ’s “Beautiful Delilah”
S1 – Memphis Tennessee / Roll Over Beethoven / Down In The Bottom / You Can Make It If You Try / Route 66 / Confessin’ The Blues / Down The Road Apiece / High Heeled Sneakers / Beautiful Delilah
S2 – Carol / I Just Wanna Make Love To You / The Spider And The Fly / Cry To Me / Fanny Mae / Walking The Dog / Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Promo Video Version)

LPs 2 & 3 – Rape Of The Vaults & Gravestones

Rolling Stones Black Box sealed

Rolling Stones Black Box sealed 2

Above: Sealed boxes


Rolling Stones Black Box card

The first numbered pressing ran to at least 300 numbered copies. It looks as if a later re-pressing included one colored disc:

Rolling Stones Black Box red

Rolling Stones Black Box b b mcv

Rolling Stones Black Box goodies

Rolling Stones Black Album

Later European repressing made in Italy, part of the SS series mentioned at the end of the Mick Taylor We Miss You R.S.V.P. 001 post: Black Album SS 7


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