Dragonfly / GLC 412: NEIL YOUNG *YOUNG’n OLD*

Young & Old 2Young & OldYoung The-Last-Album GLCOriginally released in late 1974/early 1975 with these two front and back inserts.


Young N GLC Bakersfield

A reissue of the following titles: The Last Record Album (TAKRL 1917) and Contrabands‘s Neil Young & Crazy Horse (CBM 3940)


Since we are on the topic of Neil Young bootleg vinyl, I believe Vicky Vinyl can be credited for at least re-pressing this one as well (it seems that it still is not entirely clear who was responsible for the GLC titles – I always assumed it was Ken – GLC certainly did a lot of reissues):

Young N young and old

Young N young n old

Young N young n old RR

Side 1: Sugar Mountain / Sweet Joni / Look Out Joe / Time Fades Away / Don’t Be Denied         
Side 2: New Mama / Last Dance / Southern Man         
Side 3: Down By The River / Broken Arrow / The Loner         
Side 4: Introductions / Downtown / I’m Wondering / It Might Have Been / Sugar Mountain / Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere / Winter Long


    • Thank you, I enjoyed that. Is Prince the lost child of Frank Zappa’s parents? Can Frank’s art be explained by his parents’ interior decorating choices? Was Grace aware she was holding her baby daughter upside down? Elton John’s mother wins for ‘most rock-star foot wear’. The person I find most intriguing is Floyd Crosby.

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