I.M.P. 1121: Bill Wyman’s Rolling Stones’ / ‘Bill (W)yman and the ROLLING STONES’: BRR 001

Rolling Stones Bill Wyman's green

If anyone has an image of the complete insert and/or another color this was pressed on, do get in touch – thanks.

Rolling Stones Bill Wyman's

A re-release of the first Blue Ribbon Records title from the original plates. Although HW only mentions blue discs for the Idle Mind version, this is obviously not the case.


Not the most exciting RS title ever and a bit of a pirate, with 3 officially released songs plus 3 BBC tracks coupled with the first half of the San Diego ’69 show ( first released on TMoQ’s Stoneaged ).

‘Seven title-run’ Blue Ribbon Records being a sister label to K&S out of Canada. They never did another Stones title on BRR, so part two of San Diego never followed.

Bill yman a t RS 001

Bill yman a t RS 001 b

Rated “Exm/s”

Bill yman a t RS 001 lbl


Bill yman a t RS 001 stamp large

Bill yman a t RS red stamp

The red wax version was limited to 150 copies, according to Hot Wacks. It seems that all black PVC versions have the spelling mistake (or joke?) on the insert (“yman”), while the colored vinyl run had it corrected.

  1. Yesdays said:

    I’m not certain, but always thought Blue Ribbon Records was some combination of Kurt Glemser and Andrea Waters. If you look in an old Hot Wacks (i.e., “Book VIII”), you’ll see that IMP 1121 was a re-pressing from original plates of BRR 001.

    • Terry said:

      I also think BBR is associated with Kurt’s output. I have a 1975 edition of Hot Wacks and that cobra logo is at the end of a short piece on bootlegs in the back of the book. Kurt’s labels have been unfairly labelled as copy cat knock-offs but they sometimes provided the only available bootlegs for some stuff in Toronto (Canada).

      • Terry said:

        Oops, I typed BBR when I meant BRR…

  2. John said:

    so did i….
    the BRR cover designs were amazing btw…..

  3. John said:

    facts….Queens Geisha Boys,( rerelease of Lazing on a sunday evening from Marc Japan),.mentioned as being a SLA/RODAN record sla 0001 > got a Dragon picture on the insert but no BRR snake logo,…Queens Duck Soup, ..Rodan 0007, Dragon on insert….but no BRR snake logo…,!! Queen Stunning,( a rerelease of Kimono my place live, from japanese Marc label.)..Stunning… SLA/BRR 0006.. got the dragon picture on the deluxe cover version.but not the BRR snake logo…although the insert version of Stunning does have the Dragon AND the snake BRR logo.So if its true that BRR was from Kurt and Andrea….why is the rerelase from Queen invite you to a night at the budokan…, japanese Marc label released under the IMP monniker and not the BRR/Rodan?/..and what is that strange connection between the Rodan..Sla and BRR??.
    BTW, when ive got my copy’s from Geisha Boys and Duck Soup by mailorder way back in 1980 from the states..ive left that records just in it’s shrink wrap, ..thought that Duck Soup was a deluxe cover edition..as it has a amazing back cover in black and white. Later on i was opening the shrink to see what kind of label was inside.(.as i did start collect not only the records but also the label variations.)..i found out that Duck Soup had ‘just’ ‘an insert cover…that insert was sealed shrink wrapped over a deluxe Stunning cover..thats why the amazing b/w back cover… So problaby it was a left over cover. Strange because a second pressing of Stunning came with an insert version..you know the one with the BRR logo, not found on the deluxe cover…It is a little prove that the Duck Soup producers were also responsable for Stunning.

    • John said:

      ‘Why is the rerelease from queen invite you to a night at the budokan japanese marc label released under the IMP monniker and not the BRR Rodan > i mean with this ….’ Mercury Poisoning’

  4. Arno Veers said:

    I have I.M.P. 1121: Bill Wyman’s Rolling Stones LP on green splattered vinyl with a light yellow insert, if you want a photo of the insert please let me know.

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