Queen Merc Poison full

Only pressed on black vinyl.

Queen Merc Poison b

Queen Merc Pois Dragonfly

Queen Mercury Pois

A copy of this Japanese bootleg (Marc 76059):

Queen InvYTANATBudokan

Queen InvYTANATBudokan b

Based on the release numbers, this album followed the MARC titles RORY GALLAGHER – SOUPED UP RORY!, # 76056  (recorded 2 March ’76 in London) and THE BEATLES – WELCOME THE BEATLES,  # 76057. If my theory holds up that the Beatles LP was produced around the 10 year anniversary of their Japan visit in June of 1976 and the Gallagher LP before that, around April/May – this would actually work out, time-wise – then the Queen LP would have come out in summer of 1976.

Queen invite BK b

Source: Excerpts from Queen’s second and third show at the Tokyo Budokan on their second tour of Japan, with most tracks taped on the 1st of April 1976 (31st of March where noted).

The original Marc LP still holds up as the best source for the April 1st tracks. While  four out of the five shows from this tour have been made available in excellent quality (on CD) as taped by “Mr. Peach”, nothing has so far been made available from the whole rest of the tour.

Side 1:

Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part)                                                                                                       Flick Of The Wrist                                                                                                                                        Hangman, Brighton Rock                                                                                                                                 Son And Daughter                                                                                                                                              Seven Seas of Rhye   (31 March ’76)

Side 2:

Father To Son                                                                                                                                                  Doing All Right   (31 March ’76)                                                                                                                  Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon    (31 March ’76)                                                                                              Keep Yourself Alive                                                                                                                                              Now I’m Here                                                                                                                                                       See What A Fool I’ve Been                                                                                                                                   God Save The Queen


Queen ticket Budokan Mar 31 '76

Queen 76 progr

Queen Japan 76

Queen on stage in Japan in March of ’76

Comments from queenlive.ca: “Both shows were likely recorded by the same taper, and perhaps even from the same location, as they sound virtually identical to one another. The recording runs a bit fast. This material would be re-released on various LP and CD bootlegs over the years, but the quality of most of them would worsen.

This is an excellent performance by the band. The backing vocals are absolutely spot on tonight, particularly in “Flick Of The Wrist”. Most of the tracks came from the April 1 show. While plenty of songs from April 1 are missing, fortunately the few unusual songs from this tour are all available here.

[The] appearance of “Seven Seas Of Rhye” is a nice surprise on this tour (with gorgeous vocal harmonies in the bridge), along with the rare encore of See What A Fool I’ve Been. Before Roger speaks to introduce Seven Seas Of Rhye, a cheeky Mercury introduces him. “Our brilliant Roger,” he says from the piano.

Provided that the band didn’t play Seven Seas Of Rhye four nights later in Tokyo, this would be the final performance of the song for many years. It would be revived for the Works and Magic tours as an abbreviated version, always part of a medley.”



Side B of this extremely scarce release contains the following tracks from side 2 of Mercury Poisoning : Father To Son, Keep Yourself Alive, Now I’m Here, See What A Fool I’ve Been, God Save The Queen (I’m putting my trust in the track list on queenlive.ca being correct and not the one printed on the cover,  although it runs counter to my intuition).

“1118” obviously refers to the Idle Mind LP, hinting at a mix up of master plates between this and disc 2 of the Wings From The Wings box set, which was also numbered 1118 (are there any pressings of Mercury Poisoning that contain Wings LA Forum ’76 live tracks?) – somebody messed up by not reserving two extra numbers for discs 2 & 3 from the box set. The McCartney/Wings tracks match side 4 of the Wings box set. 


Finally, in 1980, the Idle Mind masters were put to use one more time for this re-release on black wax and with white labels:

Queen mercury-poisoning version 2

  1. Snefru said:

    The vinyl pressing of ‘Mercury Poisoning’ with wrap-around insert (first photos) has bad pressing on some copies. I have a few copies with different papaer color on insert (which is well known for insert bootlegs), and at least one copy will be a problem to play tru the hole album, at least on one side. You can see on the vinyl that it’s shouldn’t been in sirculation.

  2. John said:

    snefru, you’re right with this…,
    the battle is just bullshit…it is indeed a very rare pressing..but it is a fault done at the pressing plant…and not a ‘normal’ issue..the green thin insert is a home made insert.

  3. John said:

    and i do have a copy of Mercury Poisoning with the Wings tracks ..
    ( the home insert guy tryd to duplicate the takrl typical writing…but a child could have done better.)

  4. John said:

    yes my friend…the Mercury fish cover.
    when i told a bootleg producer from germany..a.v ..that i found out that i did have a ‘mispressing’ of M Poisoning he send me that home made copy insert. as he did couple of times…buying/ press ..some releases and sell them for a awful lot of money…just with an different cover and glued over home made labels.

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