Bowie A Tasteful Display 3

Bowie A Tasteful Display 2

Bowie A Tasteful Display stamp

Side 1: Station To Station/ Suffragette City/ Fame/ Word On A Wing
Side 2: Stay/ Panic In Detroit

An eBay seller wrote: “Limited to 100 copies” – really?

Bowie Nassau 76

Among the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio concerts, David’s Nassau Coliseum performance on 23 March ’76 is probably THE 1970s iconic rock show (together with The Who Quadrophenia recordings from December of ’73) but then again I am biased as I like it a lot.

Although this material has since been officially released as part of the Station To Station Deluxe box set, the boots remain the only place to own the drum solo in “Panic in Detroit” as a tangible hard copy. The recording has also been remixed and the audience “contributions” brought down on the official release (it seems for the KBFH engineers there was never such a thing as “too much audience”).

In 1976, Vicky Vinyl’s single LP on multicolor vinyl was the first release of this concert on vinyl but could only present a selection of the material. It has been speculated that a second release was planned as a volume 2 but then Ken was faster by offering his Resurrection on 84th Street double, which presented the complete radio broadcast (but changed the track position for “Word on a Wing”, which had followed “Fame”):

Bowie R on 84th

Side 1:  Station To Station 11:47 / Suffragette City 3:23 / Fame 4:02     
Side 2:  Stay 6:52 / Panic In Detroit 13:12     
Side 3:  Changes 4:02 / Tvc15 5:03 / Diamond Dogs 5:47     
Side 4:  Word On A Wing 6:07 / Rebel Rebel 4:00 / Jean Genie 6:53

Vicky Vinyl then commissioned a color cover and produced her own version with “Word on a Wing” in the correct place and bonus material from The Cher Show recorded on 23 November 1975 (tracks marked ^ on Side 4):


Bowie TWD logo lbl

Exists without and with printed back cover. Bassman’s Bowie Bootlegs page claims “Bonus: multi coloured vinyl” but I was not able to find an image confirming this.

As the release was very popular, it was re-issued several times. Later re-pressings of the Idle Mind title used Ruthless Rhymes labels:

Bowie TWD 2

Bowie TWD

Side 1:  STATION TO STATION / SUFFRAGETTE CITY / FAME / WORD ON A WING               Side 2:  STAY / PANIC IN DETROIT                                                                                    Side 3:  CHANGES / TVC 15 / DIAMOND DOGS / REBEL REBEL                                      Side 4:  THE JEAN GENIE / CAN YOU HEAR ME^/ YOUNG AMERICANS – MEDLEY^


1978 saw the album’s re-release on the Slipped Disc label, pressed from Idle Mind’s masters:

Bowie Thin White Duke SD


5 years later and another reissue, this time on a label called Duke Plates:

Matrix / Runout: FWD-1001-A/B/C/D

Supposedly same quality as Idle Mind originals; first release had one red and one yellow disc and re-pressings two red or two yellow discs.

Bowie twd small 1

Bowie twd duke plates b

Bowie twd yel


The finally reincarnation of this master came in 1984 – known as the JAG (Just A Gigolo) cover and released on the Bebop label; also supposedly no quality degeneration:



Extremely rare is a picture disc version with all of 15 copies produced in 1983 shown here:



The Rolling Stones title Bring It Back Alive (IMP 1112) can be viewed here.

and IMP 1113 – Kiss Fried Alive here.

  1. Tommy said:

    Great post. Welcome back and outstanding blog!! Keep up the great work and thanks!

  2. Andrew Molloy said:

    Yeah, another great one. My copy of the Thin White Duke 2-lp has the Vicki Vinyl cover but with white labels on “Duck Records” and goofy song titles like Duck Your Mother Down, I Wanna Hold Your Duck, etc.

  3. surely this must be in anyones top 5 greatest records ever pressed, official or bootleg. Vicki, you are a goddess!
    fwiw: my transparent “duck plates” pressing ran fast but my original twd is pitch perfect
    did TAKRL and VV tape off the same radio station? what i’m trying to figure out is if the fault that made the first 3 songs mono happened during broadcast or during preparation of the disc/reels sent out to station. but its such a warm exciting sound that you don’t notice its mono unless you concentrate.
    The Takrl version while probably technically superior has static at the start of Suffragette city which Vickis doesn’t so both are needed imo.
    i bought the official version in 2010 band quite apart from the noise reduction, brickwalling etc the way they mixed the drums somehow ruined the groove of suff. city and changed the way i heard the drums in a very negative way.
    this is hard to explain without sounding deranged!
    it took a while after binning the official version to hear Suff.city “properly” again.

    the guitars on the official version have been “neutered”
    i don’t know why but with bowie the official versions of concerts always have the guitar turned down in the mix! hammersmith 73, David Live, stage etc.
    i don’t know what the remixer is trying to achieve. they waste money remixing something that was already perfect and then complain that the record business is losing money!

  4. Was Ressurection On 84th Street by Bowie (pictured above with the ‘Bowie’s back’ insert) ever released with the yellow and black first edition cartoon TAKRL labels? I have the plain second edition labels with side one and side two typed on them but wouldn’t mind a copy with the original labels if it exists.

  5. I have come into possession of probably one of the first ever copies of ‘A Tasteful Display’. It has a different front insert from the usual ones and is very, very rare. How can I send a copy to you?

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