A packaging question regarding a bootleg 7″ with an insert

It’s October 1st – I am back and I hope everyone’s had a good September. To my amusement, the blog has had more visitors lately than before my break when I posted regularly. Hmm, what does it mean? … Anyway, this post will present two of my vacation purchases and ask a question.


Bowie 74 LIVE ss

The Bowie Wizardo EP WR 201. My question is, were they sold like this – is this still sealed from way back in 1975 (obviously, the insert had to be held in place by something, so this must have come shrink wrapped)? Ignore the inventory sticker, which was added much later .


Back view.


And just to show off:

WINGS 505 box

Wizardo WINGS 3 LP box # 505, the only Wizardo release that used the word “limited” on the insert, and this one likely the last sealed copy on the planet (with corner rip).

The seller has another 10 sealed boots of various titles on eBay. I asked where these came from but “I am selling these for someone else” was all he could offer. Someone must have bought from the source pretty early.


Plus a new addition – probably the finest copy there is left:


  1. nigel dodds said:

    my copy (also ‘cat and dog’) has the cover neatly stuck to the inner bag but obviously this could have happened
    anytime –

  2. Andrew Molloy said:

    My copy was purchased like yours pictured here, sealed like that. Think I got it at a record swap here in town (Victoria, Canada) around ’80-’81, maybe a little later. Guess that doesn’t give you a definitive answer. Was definitely sealed in that thin, crinkly plastic and not a 45 sleeve because that stood out to me as unusual.

  3. Thanks, that helps. The plastic used here is actually plenty thicker than the flimsy stuff used on the albums (as the Wings box shows).

  4. John said:

    sorry got no answer about this..but glad you’re back and had a great vacation!!

  5. mcp said:

    your picture shows how it was when it was new. I purchased mine when it first came out in the 70s.

    • There is always the chance of a record getting re-sealed (to keep the insert from getting lost) during its life time, I figured, especially one that’s so old like this EP is.

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