Vacation time

Just before we get to a tasteful display of the thin white duke, it’s time for the bi-annual blog break. See you in October!

  1. John said:

    have a great vacation……you deserve it…!!

  2. Yesdays said:

    I know it’s probably a lot of effort and work to produce and maintain the blog, ….but I will miss it over the next month! Thanks and enjoy your September!

    • It’s mostly the research taking up the time as I look for whatever info I can find about each title. Thanks, you too.

    • John said:

      could me my words

      • John said:

        my words from yessdays afcourse

  3. Andrew Molloy said:

    Yes, thanks for all your efforts, love this blog. Have a great vacation!

  4. Pablo said:

    Be happy and get an unforgettable vacation. 🙂

  5. Mick said:


    Have a great holiday & thanks for the hard work & effort you put into your excellent blog. It’s re-kindled my interest in what used to be classed as the “dark side” of the biz i.e. boots (at least the record Co’s thought, boo hoo). Looking forward to new posts when you return. Cheers, Mick the Geordie.

  6. Doinker said:

    Hey! For some reason my login has been dropped. I need to let you guys know the following in the hopes you might have this item or have any information on it. Circa early 1973 I was a boot record dealer for a very short time. Most of the records I had were Berkeley products, which consisted of a large, folded over piece of cardboard with the titles printed directly on it. Joni Mitchell’s “Spring Songs”, the Allman Brothers “Greetings From Watkins Glen”, etc. One of the items I had was a two-record set called “David Live” which was of course David Bowie. Played it, sound was okay. Never saw it again, never even found another photo of it. Has anyone here ever heard of it?

    • Unfortunately, this is not enough info to identify the recording and the fact that this is the title of the official live album makes it even harder to do any research.

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