I.M.P. 1109: DYLAN , BAEZ & THE ROLING THUNDER REVIEW a.ka. “Nothing Is Revealed” / ‘TAPES FROM SHERRY’S ATTIC’ :K&S 002

Dylan NiR 1109

 IMP name and number clearly visible on the lower spine, below the K&S number. Classic I.M.P. wrap around insert design.

Dylan NiR 1109 mcv

Dylan NiR 1109 mcv 2

Dylan Baez Rolling Thunder Review

Dylan NiR 1109 orange bl

“Duck Hits” label. The album also exists with Ruthless Rhymes labels.

Dylan R T R var



Perhaps Kurt Glemser/K&S provided the tape and Vicky produced both versions, except for the K&S inserts.

Side 1: Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot) / Coyote (Joni Mitchell) / Chestnut mare (Roger McGuinn) / Mule Skinner blues (ramblin’ Jack Elliott) / Diamonds and rust (Joan Baez) / Tonight I’ll be staying here with you (Dylan)

Side 2: Romance in Durango  / Isis / Oh sister / Hurricane

Quality: “G and VG mono”


Dylan TfSAttic

Dylan TfSAttic disc

From auction text: “Genuine  K&S  Records #  002  limited pressing  #100 copies in this color vinyl and with this insert;  blue splatter marbled  vinyl, cover ( ‘Toronto’ word penned on back) with first original free insert and with original 1976 Idle Mind Pr. lps catalogue”

IMP catalog

I’m sure producing bootlegs was much more fun than working at a car wash as well.


Dylan TFSA alt insert

Alternate insert.



Dylan Toronto 75 ticket

Dylan Toronto 75

Complete set list:

1. good love is hard to find (Neuwirth)
2. sleazy (Neuwirth)
3. hula hoop (Burnett)
4. laissez-faire (Soles)
5. catfish (Stoner)
6. is there life on mars (Ronson)
7. alabama dark (Neuwirth&Blakely)
8. need a new sun rising (Blakely)
9. cindy (Neuwirth)
10. nowhere to go (Bullens)
11. mercedes benz (Neuwirth)
12. a woman of heart and mind (Mitchell)
13. coyote (Mitchell)
14. edith and the kingpin (Mitchell)
15. don’t interrupt the sorrow (Mitchell)
16. ramblin jack (Neuwirth)
17. muleskinner blues (Elliott)
18. pretty boy floyd (Elliott)
19. salt pork, west virginia (Elliott)
20. I’m a rich and gamblin boy (Elliott)
21. when i paint my masterpiece
22. it ain’t me, babe
23. the lonesome death of hattie carroll
24. tonight I’ll be staying here with you
25. it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry
26. romance in durango
27. isis
28. the times they are a-changin’
29. dark as a dungeon
30. never let me go
31. i dreamed i saw st. augustine
32. i shall be released
33. diamonds and rust (Baez)
34. swing low, sweet chariot (Baez)
35. joe hill (Baez)
36. love song to a stranger (Baez)
37. long black veil (Baez)
38. please come to boston (Baez)
39. the night they drove old dixie down (Baez)
40. eight miles high (McGuinn)
41. chestnut mare (McGuinn)
42. race among the ruins (Lightfoot)
43. the watchman’s gone (Lightfoot)
44. sundown (Lightfoot)
45. it’s all over now, baby blue
46. love minus zero/no limit
47. simple twist of fate
48. oh, sister
49. hurricane
50. one more cup of coffee (valley below)
51. sara
52. just like a woman
53. knockin’ on heavens door
54. this land is your land

  1. Andrew Molloy said:

    Cool to see that Idle Mind catalogue. Did I.M.P. 1107 David Bowie Live at the L.A. Forum ever come to fruition? I’ve never heard of it.

    • It was released as Wish Upon A Star. I will present it next. Makes you wonder though when she decided to replace that gem with the copied Led Zeppelin’s Earls Court and why.

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