I.M.P. 1100: Yes ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’

Yes SA blu

Yes SA blu 3

Yes SA blu 4

Yes SA Idol lbl

Source: Yes in concert at the Hollywood Bowl on 21 June 1975

01. Firebird suite
02. Soundchaser
03. Close to the edge
04. To be over
05. The gates of delirium   [all of side 1, 22:03]
06. Your move  [2:01]
07. Mood for a day  [2:58]
08. Long distance runaround  [1:54]
09. Patrick Moraz keyboard solo  [3:32]
10. The Clap  [3:24]
11. And you and I  [10:04]
12. Ritual
13. Roundabout
14. Sweet dreams


Dead wax reads  ” IMP Yes 4  How do you keep a Black Sabbath fan busy ? (over)”. Cover  features a pen and ink “adaption” of the Roger Dean painting “Greenslade”. The extra 5″ of the insert folds over and lists the song titles.

“Quality:     Excellent-minus, audience recording
Comments:     Probably one of the best sounding, audience-recorded bootlegs from the 70’s. Jon Anderson’s voice is placed well in the mix, and all instruments are clear and in true stereo, that is, it is possible to actually hear stereo separation in the music, not just in the audience noises. Another major plus is that there are no cuts in the middle of any songs.

And now the bad news: the bass is weak, typical of all audience recordings. And the LP is cut on the slow side, which is all-too-common for Yes bootleg LPs. It definitely needs speeding up, courtesy of the turntable pitch control.

Although it’s too short (a 2 LP set would have been more satisfying), Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a great snapshot of how Yes sounded like in 1975. It is similar in many ways to Yes at QPR, but at least the band and the sound technicians made fewer mistakes here. Highlights of this album are the all-acoustic “Your Move” and “Long Distance Runaround” as well as “And You and I”, where it is obvious that the maturing Yes (at the time) was growing close to becoming the ultimate live act.

ZMOQ recommends: If you come across this one don’t hesitate to snap it up. In the context of Yes’ entire live career, from this signpost, the best is coming- just up and around the next bend…
(Source: http://home.netcom.com/~zmoq/pages/sorcerer.htm)


Review fro allmusic.com:

“Countless Yes bootlegs were circulated in the ’70s. Some of the more ambitious bootleggers tried to emulate the Roger Dean paintings that graced Yes’ legal albums — Sorcerer’s Apprentice, for example, provides an illustration depicting a sorcerer who has one arm on one side and three arms on the other. More important than the art work, of course, is the music. Recorded live at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA on June 21, 1975, this bootleg LP finds the Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Chris Squire/Patrick Moraz/Alan White edition of Yes in good to excellent form on “The Gates of Delirium” (which takes up all of the LP’s first side, just as it did on Relayer) as well as “And You and I,” “Your Move” and “The Clap.” The biggest surprise on the LP is an unlikely version of “Long Distance Runaround,” which becomes very folk-like at the Bowl and gets a spare treatment that really isolates Anderson’s singing. Sorcerer’s Apprentice doesn’t have audiophile sound, but it offers decent stereo sound and fared well among collectors in the underground market.”


As the album was a winner in both the audio and the performance quality department, it was re-pressed several times. Hear is a common copy attributed to “Norg Records”: 

Yes SA Norg


A great first release for this Vicky Vinyl label.


  1. Yesdays said:

    Sourced from the audience tape made by the late Mike Millard. Some of the colored vinyl versions (not all of them) had a rubber stamp on either the LP jacket or insert “Collector’s Edition Colored Vinyl”. I wonder if Millard was complicit with Andrea Waters and her cohorts, since some of his other tapes ended up on Southern California produced bootleg LPs of the day.

  2. Yesdays said:

    Yeah, it’s perplexing. I didn’t know Millard, but understand he was very protective of his tapes and was first and foremost a tape trader. And he also did things like redact bits from his tapes that he traded so only he had the complete versions. Seems odd that he would get involved with the Vicky Vinyls of his day. It’s possible Andrea or John Wizardo or one of their affiliates aqcuired the tapes from Millard in trade, and used them on pressings without his knowledge. …which would have added to Millard’s consternation when found out.

  3. Possibly, someone he was trading tapes with had a connection to Andrea. I find the idea that they knew each other personally too much of a coincidence. From what we know he went through such great lengths to mark his traded tapes that he must have loathed seeing them pressed as commercially sold product – that is if he ever actually heard these albums.

    In your opinion, when was Sorcerer’s Apprentice released. My feeling says 1976. Any chance of narrowing it down further?

  4. Now to almost prove myself wrong, I just looked closer at a copy of “Charlie Watts Is My Darling” and the first person she thanks is “Mike”…

  5. Yesdays said:

    Thanks. Mike is a common name. Well, some Internet research shows there are claims that the voice of Andrea Waters can be heard on the Idle Mind pressings of the LA shows (not sure about substantiation of that). My Part 2 and Part 3 copies are still sealed, have the bicentennial box however. Don’t know where Waters is today. She started a record store in Anaheim in 1976 called Beggars Banquet and ran it with her husband Matt Rosney into the 1980s and maybe beyond.
    Concerning Sorcerer’s Apprentice original release on Idle Mind, I actually don’t know, but it seems quite reasonable it originally hit the streets in 1975 since the show was in June. My basis is that these folks didn’t usually wait several months to issue the contemporary recordings they were making at the time.

  6. Terry said:

    I have this bootleg but it must be a later repressing, as it’s on black vinyl with blank white labels. Also, the blue insert is much smaller than those shown and came flat rather than folded around the side of the jacket. Decent (if distant) sound, though.

  7. Yesdays said:

    Thanks Terry. Is your copy a pressing from the original plates, identifiable by the marking in the dead wax or run out groove that reads “How do you keep a Black Sabbath fan busy ? (over)”.

    • Terry said:

      Yes, that Black Sabbath gag is on both sides in the dead wax, as well as “IMP Yes 4” and identification of each side.

  8. John said:

    hey yessdays..from radaris.com,
    wesley rosney laguna beach ca, related to matthew f rosney, matt s rosney, andrea e waters, ellen rosney……looking further…..m.f rosney age 62 laguna beach ca, related to andrea rosney..age 58…( married ?)

  9. John said:

    great yessdays..stunnig piece..she is..together with Wizardo and ken one of my lifetime heroes….some amazing stories can be found on the net. i know..were longing for those good old days…the vinyl age..but what should we do without the internet??. ..than we never get to now that interesting people…fe the blogs from ken are really amazing to read. i do have him on fb and its a very nice and friendly guy…ohmeohmy..i do have god as a friend!!

  10. John said:

    on one blog..its difficult to find…i found it by coincidence…someone very close to the boys ..is writing stories about what happened…very inside information….i do have the idea it is someone near to Andrea….maybe its she

  11. John said:

    sure…it is a blog…with all sorts of music and relatives..i was reading a message about an old bruce lp..and someone answered on that blog…she’d begin about bootlegs….and told some lines….than someone interupted..blablablabootlegsblabla…and started taling about something else….later on the woman , after reacting on others answers//she’d begin in little stories and artifacts as she want to tell her stories…veryvery interesting…she must be Vicky Vinyl in my opinion….

    • Thanks. After reading it, I doubt she would talk about herself in the third person like that:

      “She is a living legend as far as I’m concerned. Many of her releases were as good as it gets, whether it was Zeppelin, Elvis Costello, Bowie, McCartney, Queen or the Dead. She had a true passion for the music and a great business sense. And she was a girl!!! But a very exceptional one. A fuckin’ “Lioness.” I bow down to her.

      She’s been living in Laguna Beach forever. She got married sometime in the mid 1980’s. She met her husband at a Stones concert, naturally! I don’t know if she wants her new name out there so I will withhold it.”

      This is someone with a great interest in bootleg history (and a female at that!) who was around in the 60’s and 70’s and is/was feeling chatty but it’s not Vicky Vinyl herself.

      • YesDays said:

        Well, sometimes you can never know who’s posting on the Internet. Seems like it may have been a person named Vanessa Stone.

      • John said:

        you can definitevely talk that way..my son..who is a starting musician..writes all of his promotion gear…..www.joeyvriend.com facebook joey vriend artistpage..which you can like, and joey vriend facebook, which you can be friend of…he writes all of his stuff himself..pretending someone else is doing so….
        ( i talk about myself that way in some blogs about bootlegs…i promote the titles ive released is suche way that its pretending someone else wrote it… 🙂

  12. John said:

    and thats not all….amazing pictures of ken, vesta, jon wizardo..,….but its very difficult to find all of the stories of bootleg fans and relatives..as the blog items are not very well documentated….as you know what i mean….for instance the stories i found ..the title dont match the written words….dont know how to explain that…..the title dont match the content of the stories..so we have to read all of the blogs to find the interesting things for us…

  13. John said:

    powerpop blogspot

  14. John said:

    go to juli 2013…bruce nebraska item..and read the reactions..scrol down the pages till the end..vicky keeps talking..

  15. John said:

    songs for the new depression….is the title..enjoyreading and have a great weekend..and you can contact her..someone else did. also …as you can read

  16. After reviewing the list of Idle Mind releases, I would now move the original release date for Sorcerer’s Apprentice up to the second half of 1975. I also believe that the Wings From The Wings source tape came from Mike Millard.

  17. John said:

    great..looking forward to it…ever heard of mister peach? the japanese Millard

    • There is a search function on the blog [upper right hand corner, very hard to read “Search”, unfortunately but just type away], Wings From The Wings was posted some time ago already (you can also click on the artist name on the right and scroll down). Regarding Mr. Peach, I keep a list of all his masters released by Tarantura.

  18. John said:

    did youve seen that great dylan..black red vinyl…white label on tmoq…with paper sticker…its from the rosac guy.think the biggest collector in the world…or someone very close to the old heroes…

    • I wish he would share some of his knowledge here – or anyone else with deeper knowledge for that matter – I’m just trying to put puzzle pieces together. He told me the Wizardo 500 series was limited to 200 each.

  19. John said:

    i’m sure he is willing to share any information..he told me some time ago….a pity he didnt put his records / information on the net..or bookworks..on ebay now an amazing 3 bookset..think for something about 1000 usd, with all of the bob’s boots…take a look..i’s limited till 50 copy’s…a masterpiece of work

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